Contagious, a Letter From The Office

Dear friends, it is more clear than ever that the Back to Jerusalem vision is dangerously contagious. It is no longer just a vision of the rural Chinese underground house church, but has become the heart cry of those who desperately desire to see the completion of the Great Commission in our lifetime. This simple vision is inspiring Christians all over the world.

New winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing and the international Body of Christ is rising up in these last days, embracing the persecuted church in China, and taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into the most unreached nations on earth. In the last decade alone, we have seen BTJ representative offices spring up in America, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Poland, and South Korea. In less than ten years, financial donors and BTJ GateKeepers have joined the mission from more than 110 nations and given over $30 million dollars to print millions of Bibles, train thousands of pastors and evangelists, and conduct multiple humanitarian operations in the wake of natural disasters.

Do not be confused. This vision is all-out spiritual warfare where the Kingdom of God is invading earth. Every day is a gruesome battle with a deadly enemy that has held captive the nations between China and Jerusalem for thousands of years and he will not let them go without a fight.

Our mandate is to rescue the lost and set the captives free and we appreciate that so many of you have decided to sacrifice so much to join us. We covet your prayers, partnership, and friendship in ways that you will never know on this side of eternity.

Onward and upward, Christian soldier!

Eugene Bach


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  1. Sambo Samaila Najah

    May the Almighty God perfect his will.


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