Connected with the 10/40 window: Office letter from The Netherlands

Dear brothers and sisters,

Most people who work with Back to Jerusalem’s offices have their own back story in mission. They have worked for different organisations and projects (and often still do), connected with the 10/40 window or other neglected mission fields. Hearing their stories is always moving. One sister helps trafficking victims in US cities. A brother evangelises Poland’s young generation of nominal Catholics through YouTube. Another brother supports Christian libraries in Nigeria’s slums – and these are just a few examples of the many.

So, why do all these people with diverse ministries become involved with Back to Jerusalem? Many stories involve an encounter with Brother Yun somewhere along the line, but I think it is not so much about him, as it is about a more important realisation. As Western Christians, the impact we are able to make in the world is limited. It is limited by our dwindling numbers and also by our lack of spiritual power. Christianity in the West has been compromised and corrupted by tribalism, materialism and by a desire for the kind of power the world offers. In the face of the overwhelming need of a world lost in sin and misery, what can we offer? Laborers are few.

When we hear about the Back to Jerusalem vision, it gives us hope. The churches of the East and the South, the Chinese church in particular, is rising up to take their place in the story of mission. We see how President Xi Jinping with his ‘One Belt, One Road’ economic program is connecting the world’s least reached nations to the world’s fastest growing church. And we are just so happy that God’s work is continuing, even growing, independent from what we as Western Christians can or cannot do.

We want to cheer these Chinese fellow workers on and support them where we can, even as we continue to be involved ourselves in ministry work in various places. We know so deeply how much we need each other as the body of Christ and together we long for the day missions ends and Christ will be all in all.

May God keep us united in that hope,

The Netherlands office

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