Attending Church Today? Remember Christians in India – 250 Churches Attacked This Month

Today, Christians will attend church services all over the world, but not all Christians can fellowship in peace.

Christians have been slaughtered in India and as many as 120 churches have been burnt to the ground and 250 churches destroyed in attacks that have been going on since early this month.

The violence against Christians has been taking place since May 3, in the Kuki and Meitei communities in Manipur. According to some estimates, the death toll has surpassed 100, with over 20,000 houses destroyed and more than 50,000 individuals displaced within the region.

Additionally, some reports said that around 250 churches, primarily belonging to the Meitei and tribal communities, were destroyed due to the violence.

“The violence against Christians is unbelievable,” reported our partner in India during an online update. “BTJ has [several projects] in the area and we have worked directly with these churches. They have been giving [us] regular updates. [We] have been sending money to the families that were hit hardest so that they can buy food and other items that they need.”

Tens of thousands of Christians have had to flee their homes. Many of them are homeless and have nowhere to turn, which is why BTJ is sending aid. BTJ aid is being sent to our partners in India who we have worked with for over a decade to distribute to the families that need it the most.

The aid that is being sent has been donated by BTJ GateKeepers. To become a BTJ GateKeeper and help in situations like this, click here.


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