Chinese Missionaries in Lebanon Report New Attack on Israel from Northern Border

BTJ missionaries are reporting that the war in Israel is being felt in Lebanon as Iran-backed Hezbollah attacks Israel from the north. In a message received this morning, our missionary wrote the following (translated and edited),

“Peace, dear family.

The Palestinian-Israeli war has spilled over in Lebanon in recent days. Hezbollah bombed Israel and Israel fired back into southern Lebanon, killing more than a dozen Lebanese. The current situation is very tense. The foreign missionaries we are currently cooperating with have been recalled to their churches in America and are searching for the nearest suitable air ticket to return home.

Please pray for us. Ask the Lord to give us a peaceful heart and guide us on how to face such a situation.”

The Lebanese government has issued a statement expressing that they do not wish to enter into the war. Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdallah Bouhabib, officially confirmed that Hezbollah has committed to refrain from participating in any hostilities.

As the Chinese missionaries have pointed out however, Lebanon has said that they do not wish to enter into the war and are committed to refrain from hostilities, but then shot rockets at Israel.

A travel advisory has been issued for Lebanon in the last week because of the situation there.

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  1. Believer

    how are things on the northern border now?
    mainstream was stating it’s false alarm and all.
    Lots of love and blessings from We are praying for you all. Bless you for writing!


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