Chinese House Church Leaders Just Concluded Largest Meeting in 4 Years

Chinese underground house church leaders just concluded one of their largest meetings in the last four years, since Covid-19.

About 200 Chinese underground house church leaders met in central China last week and strategized on the plans for BTJ missionaries for 2024. According to those who were at the meeting, there were several key decisions that were arrived at during this meeting.

“One of the big things that was discussed was how to support missionaries who have been sent out from China,” reported Esther (not their real name), one of the key people connected to the meetings. “BTJ and BTJ partners are needed to help with missions care. Most of the leaders are not allowed to have passports,” Esther continued, during a private meeting, “and are asking for support to help look after the Chinese missionaries. BTJ is one of the few organizations that the leaders trust to provide this kind of support.”

In response to this need, BTJ has been selecting and raising funds for pastors, mission specialists, and counselors to travel to various nations and spend time with Chinese missionaries to help provide missionary care.

According to Esther, there are new nations that were ‘central’ to the focus for missionaries this year. There are five new nations which were identified as key locations for the new missionaries. For the purpose of this report, the five nations cannot be named.

Please keep BTJ and Chinese missionaries in your prayers this year as we partner together with the leaders to provide needed support.


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