China Now Using Palms of Hands For Payment. Would You Do It?

In China, it is now possible to pay with your palm. On May 21, WeChat, China’s mega-app, launched their new “palm payment” system where users pay using a wave of their hand.

The new system allows customers to be free from their phones and wallets and accepts payments by using the surface of their palm prints and the veins in their hands.

Here is how it works:


At the moment, the system is only available to residents in mainland China who have identity verification, but they plan to soon expand over time.

Alibaba Alipay is also working on palm payments. With WeChat and Alipay both working on the palm-pay method, 90 percent of China’s mobile payments market are likely to be with palm-payments.

1 thought on “China Now Using Palms of Hands For Payment. Would You Do It?”

  1. The new method enables consumers to pay without needing to pull out their phones or wallets, and it does so by reading the ridges on their palms and the veins in their hands to identify the person making the purchase.

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