China and Iraq Tour

China and Iraq Tour

Come Join us and see what we are all about….

Looking for an adventure? Looking to see China through eyes that you would never have seen before? We are honored to open an opportunity for our supporters to join Eugene Bach to explore the land and the people that our hearts hold so dear. We will begin our journey on this adventure from beyond the Great wall of China to the Karst Peaks of the Southern region of the Country. This will be an “out of the ordinary” tour of China and a tour with unexpected blessings.

Day 1: The Great Wall of China

With untold stories in between

Day 2: Temple of Heaven and unlocking the hidden Bible in the Chinese Language

Walk the Corridors of the Forbidden City

With more untold stories and fellowship

Day 3: Tianamen Square and the Summer Palace

Evening: Board a train towards the southern region of China to awaken arriving amongst the beauty of the Karst Peaks.

Day 4: Tour Yangshou and the beauty that this wonderful town holds

Day 5: Tour and meet some of the wonderful people of Guilin and hear the stories that    will unfold.

Day 6: We will be flying you back to your home location.

Time and places for these adventures may vary so brace yourself for your “non typical” “out of the ordinary” Tour.

If you want your adventure to continue. Ask us about what follows the China tour as we continue on to Iraq. Spaces are limited…

For more information on dates, and pricing for this adventure, please contact our Field Operator at


  1. karla morgan

    I am interested in learning the details of this tour. Is it possible to just do the Iraq part? If not please let me know dates and prices. I would be flying from Saudi Arabia

  2. Tammy Boston

    Can you provide me with the dates and amount for this tour. It sounds like something we would be interested in.
    Thank you


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