BTJ in Somalia

Somalia is a nation with no churches and no known active ministries in legal operation.

It also has a lack of natural resources like diamonds, oil, or nickel. As a result, it is a forgotten nation. It seems that most of the world has forgotten that it exists. Children are starving, people are suffering, and the nation is constantly suffering form famine and yet it is not really the focus of any major humanitarian efforts.

According to the most recent data, Somalia is one of the world’s poorest nations with 3/4’s of Somalians living in extreme poverty.

With lack of access to clean water, diseases run rampant with the average life expectancy for men only 50 and 53 for women.

More than two million Somalian children have never been to school and according to UNICEF more than 91% of Somalian children suffer from severe acute malnutrition.

Somalia is run by radical Muslim war lords that impose the religion of Islam on the population.

Back to Jerusalem cannot go into details about the nature of the work that we are currently doing in Somalia, but we can say that we have a unique opportunity to work with the Somalians in Somalia and better the situation for people.

Please continue to pray for the work that BTJ missionaries are doing in Somalia and the efforts that are taking place for 2019.

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