Brother Yun October USA Tour

October 8
San Diego, CA

October 9-11
Southern, CA (to be announced)

October 15
Atlanta, GA

October 16-18
East Coast (to be announced)

Oct 20
New London, CT

October 21-24

Keep checking the events page at


for up to date details.

14 thoughts on “Brother Yun October USA Tour”

  1. While this maybe a far shot, if I may ask, is there a possibility that Brother Yun might come to Australia during 2018, as much as this company is aware of, cause it has been my dream to meet him since his book The Heavenly man being illustrated and published in 2006 had inspired me to remain a Christian despite what I see in this fallen world, so if there is either way of being told by you or contacted by him personally if I may ask kindly, thank you and God bless you

  2. elizabeth.movingwaters

    We briefly met brother Yun in Orlando at Heidi Bakers conference while standing in the elevator. My husband was holding a stack of his books and I told him it was an honor to have met him. At the time I had not read the heavenly man. Now that I have read it I only wish I could have spent time with him so that I might learn how to humbly love the Lord and have great faith and perseverance through suffering as he has been an example. If you are ever back in Florida we will surely attend every event and wish to be give financial support as well. Thank you my dear brother along with your wife for being willing to the Lords Spirit. He had been so good to us for lending your soul to the North, South, East and West! Love in the Lord- Ryan and Elizabeth Bonner

    1. We are hoping to have him come to FL March 2019. If you have a church you want him to speak at please go to our home page and click on the Invite Brother Yun form at the bottom of the page. If you want to give financially you can set up a GateKeeper account where you can give monthly starting as low as $25 a month. Just click on the GateKeeper tab on our web site.
      So glad you were able to meet Brother Yun and read his story. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Our church women are reading The Heavenly Man and will be discussing the book this Friday in Rhode Island. Some have raised the issue of the skepticisms so we will be discussing this as well. I lean hard into believing Brother Yun but in order to help our discussion, I’m wondering if there is financial transparency in his ministry and how I would go about getting a copy of these sorts of documents. Thanks so much!!!

    1. First please understand that Back to Jerusalem is not Brother Yuns ministry. He travels the world speaking and promoting the Back to Jerusalem vision, because helping his people reach the most unreached areas of the world is what burns deep in his heart. This organization called Back to Jerusalem is just one of many organizations and people who work with the Chinese Church to help promote and equip the vision of Back to Jerusalem.

      Here is a link you where you can receive more information about this issue: We take no other stand and do not try to convince people or try to prove his case. Either people believe him or they do not, we leave that up to the Spirit to settle in each persons heart.

      You can find Back to Jerusalems 990 forms along with the 501(c)(3) Determination Letter at the bottom of the About BTJ page: 2018s 990 will be added as soon as all the paper works complete.

      We trust that his life story and testimony will cause you and your group to want to go deeper and farther in your walk with Christ which is all Brother Yun wants from his story being told!

  4. Meri Beth Morris

    Do you know the location where Brother Yun will be speaking in Atlanta? Is it this October?
    Thank you so much,
    Meri Beth

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