Brother Yun Controversy – A Loving Response

From time to time we are asked about an apparent controversy surrounding Brother Yun and his speaking tours in the West. In the first days of sharing his story, a handful of Chinese made two basic accusations against him; that his story isn’t true, and that he is seeking wealth through speaking engagements.

Simply stated, these accusations are false. In the nearly 20 years (at the time of this writing) since the initial claims, no evidence has come forth to support them. To the contrary, as people get to know and work with Brother Yun and share in Kingdom fruit, they quickly see a very different non-controversial picture. Many people have written eloquently about this.

In chapter 26 of The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun describes these attacks as the most difficult form of persecution he has ever faced–friendly fire from fellow believers. The first time he heard of the attacks, he was deeply dismayed.

“I couldn’t understand how someone who had never met me could write such a nasty article. I complained to my Christian friends, ‘Why don’t these people call us and read the documents? I don’t understand! Why don’t they find out the truth for themselves? It’s right there for them to see!’

My translator told me, ‘Brother Yun, these people don’t want to know the truth. That’s why they’re not calling you or wanting to meet you. In China, Christians are persecuted with beatings and imprisonment. In the West, Christians are persecuted by the words of other Christians.’

This new kind of spiritual persecution was no easier than physical persecution in China, just different.

I cried out in prayer, asking the Lord for His strength. I forgave the people behind this attack from the bottom of my heart and we continued our trip.”

(The Heavenly Man, by Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway, chapter 26, page 308)

This attitude of forgiveness, coupled with not taking a defensive posture, has characterized Brother Yun ever since.

If you still have doubts and questions, we have provided some links to careful examinations of the accusations, and of Brother Yun’s Christlike response and character. If you are an event organizer and would prefer to talk to someone in person, please send us an email and we will connect you with someone.


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