Because of GateKeepers

In August of last year, disaster struck Beirut. The blast from the explosion destroyed most of the city and was described by one witness as being like 15 years of war in 15 seconds. Because of our GateKeepers, we were immediately able to send funding to teams on the ground, who began distributing aid. The BTJ missionaries there were able to provide hope in a hopeless situation.

BTJ GateKeepers are those whose hearts are moved by the vision of the underground Chinese House Church to take the Gospel from China, through the most unreached nations in the world, back to Jerusalem. In response, they commit to regularly praying for missionaries working in closed countries and supporting them by giving $25 each month.

Our effectiveness in responding to crises like Beirut is hugely dependent on GateKeepers. When disasters happen, we don’t have the luxury of time to wait for funds to be raised – help is needed immediately – and even that isn’t soon enough. With the monthly giving from GateKeepers, we have funding available to send as soon as disaster hits.

Our GateKeepers are also essential to our ability to take the Gospel into closed countries. At BTJ, we believe in the importance and urgency of taking the Word of God into these nations. Last year, we were able to take hundreds of Bibles into Nigeria which were distributed by our friends on the ground.

We are also continuing the production of our pill-sized hologram Bible. This was a dream made possible by GateKeepers, to use modern technology to take the Bible into the darkest nations in the world.

We know there are many who hunger to join the Chinese House Church in spreading the Gospel in areas that have had little or no access to the Bible.

For less than $1 per day, your monthly commitment of $25 or more helps us…

  • Fulfil the Great Commission
  • Evangelise the unreached people groups in the 10/40 window
  • Record the Bible and teaching materials in the languages of unreached people groups
  • Support safe houses and minister to former ISIS victims of human trafficking
  • Train and send out missionaries who plant and work with churches, schools, and orphanages

BTJ GateKeepers help us work to fulfil the Great Commission by doing so many things that are completely illegal in closed nations. With your help, we can invade the enemy’s territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that have never been dreamed of.


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