A Podcast Not to Miss

Podcasts are always interesting to listen to, especially when they’re Back To Jerusalem podcasts. Eugene Bach and a guest talking about Christianity, their ministry, interesting stories, and more information is something that will always keep you listening and waiting for the news of the next podcast.

The latest Back to Jerusalem podcast features a special guest who was born and raised in Argentina, but originally from Chile. His name is Pablo and he is a ministry leader who uses Back to Jerusalem resources and tools in his ministry in Cuba.

In 2003, Pablo started doing ministry in North, South, and Central America. Eventually he began to dabble in starting short term Bible schools in Central and South America until two years ago when he moved to Cuba and started a more permanent ministry there. When he was not totally familiar with the Communist atmosphere of Cuba; he was more familiar with the idea of socialism. Pablo had heard lots of stories about communism growing up, but he didn’t get to experience it first-hand until he had traveled to Cuba.

Pablo’s Bible school ministry in Cuba has been increasing every year since he began. He has even distributed over 210,000 Bibles and Christian books using Back To Jerusalem’s Gospel Cloud. However, persecution of Christians have increased drastically since last year. There has also been an increase on Muslims and mosques in Havana which gives Pablo even more insight to how effective the BTJ’s Gospel Cloud is.


If you would like some more information on Pablo’s ministry in Cuba, you may go to the website and take a look yourself. Happy listening!


Ministry website:  http://ruizmi.com/

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