Martyrs for Christ

We can say that 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith last year, but what does that actually mean? What is the tangible impact on our lives? Another Christian being killed for their faith can become just another number, even to fellow believers, but each and every one is known and treasured by God.

They are not just ‘some Christians,’ they are more personal to us than that. They are our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers, our wives and husbands, and our friends and family.

This newsletter is a special tribute to some remarkable believers who preached the Good News of Jesus until their dying breath. We want to tell a couple of stories the likes of which are rarely told for the sake of individuals’ security. However, we do not want the lives of these precious believers to fade away, forgotten, and so we share their testimonies here.

We want to admire them for their sacrifices, and recognize the trails that they blazed. We want to join their families and grieve as they grieve. To be silent about their lives would be an exercise in ungratefulness.

The stories in this newsletter are only a small drop in the ocean of the testimonies of martyrs. Persecution is rampant and ruthless, but its dark powers have been staved off by the love and devotion of Christ’s true followers.

With this newsletter we say goodbye to them, until we meet again, as well as send out our love and prayers to the families and loved ones of those that have been martyred.