A Conversation with a Christian Romance and Suspense Writer

Have you ever heard of Christian romance novels, or that there are different subgroups in the romance genre? Learn more in this exciting interview with Christian romance and suspense novel writer Krista Wagner!

Krista, who lives in California, has been writing since she was a child, and wrote her first novel at the age of 14. She wants to share her Christian faith through her books and bring a message of love and hope to her readers. Krista includes some Bible verses, but the way she presents her faith in the books is well thought out – she wants to reach all kinds of readers, including non-believers.

The books, that are written for young adults and up, do not have any inappropriate or graphic language. She has written a series called Small Town Secrets: A Mystery Suspense Series, which she calls ‘clean mysteries with a serving of suspense’. Most of what she writes is completely fictional, but some parts of the content are based on her own experiences, like betrayal. The title that is most inspired by her own experiences is an adult psychological thriller called Shrouded Memory, which is based on her own traumatic experience. In this interview, she talks about the horrific event where she was held at gun point.

Eugene and Krista also discuss the Christian entertainment industry as well. Sometimes the focus is so much on the spiritual content that the quality is neglected, and it is regarded as cheesy, which is often the case for Christian movies and novels.

To listen to the full interview, click here.


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    Yes, Christian romance novels are a popular subset of the romance genre, focusing on romantic relationships within the context of Christian faith and values.


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