DAY 16: Missionary Silas

Since the beginning of the Back to Jerusalem vision in the early 1900s, Chinese believers have been focused on taking the gospel into the Himalayan mountain regions. To see that vision become reality, the underground home churches in China have been sending evangelists into Tibet; a place traditionally known to be one of the most challenging places to work in all of China.

The Tibetan Buddhists have been aggressively opposed to any other religion than Buddhism being preached in their country. Anyone with preconceived ideas of peaceful Buddhist followers meditating in fields full of flowers would be shocked to learn about the violent history of Buddhist attacks on Christian missionaries.

In the early 2000s, Back to Jerusalem worked to build a training center for Chinese missionaries in Tibet. The training center is not just a building taking up space in the middle of Tibet. It is a business that allows the Chinese believers to gain a skill while studying the Bible. The skills that they learn allow them to continue on the Silk Road and be productive in other countries.

Silas was one of the missionaries who traveled to Tibet to serve and work at the training center. The skills that he learned while working at the Back to Jerusalem training center in Tibet have proven to be priceless. Missiology is theology in action. In other words, it is where the rubber meets the road. It is important for missionaries to capitalize on the geographical location of training centers like the one in Tibet and to utilize to them to fulfill the mandate given by Jesus Christ.

“Where we live is a very poor part of the city, but we love being with the people. It is not easy living here. My wife and I have a small child, and we are concerned about his safety and education. We are not yet certain how that will work out. I don’t have a job yet and am using my experience in Tibet to help me start a new business. We have to rely upon the Lord for our daily needs. Getting around the town with limited language skills, not being familiar with the foods or culture, and not having sufficient funds for long-term expenses make things more difficult.

Simple things like water and electricity for our apartment are an answer to prayer for us, and God has never failed us. He continues to show us that He is walking together with us. When we first arrived here there were only a few people that I was able to share the gospel with. They received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and now there are already 25-30 students attending our fellowship. We pray that God’s message continues to penetrate the heart of the people. We find it such a privilege to serve Him here.”

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