12 Ways to Pray for Back to Jerusalem Workers

Since Brother Yun first shared his testimony almost twenty years ago, he has impacted millions of people around the world. Like him, many Chinese believers/BTJ workers have undergone tremendous suffering for the Gospel. When we hear stories like these, it can be tempting to think that our Chinese brothers and sisters are larger-than-life superheroes of the faith. In some ways, they are. We see in them what we often don’t see in believers from other nations – the willingness to risk everything and lay down their lives for Jesus.

The Chinese believers we know are regular people who love Jesus with all their hearts and have said “yes” to the Great Commission. They are serving in many closed countries throughout the 10/40 window and they face the same day-to-day struggles as other missionaries. Their lives are bearing much fruit in the nations where they’re serving, but we must not forget that they also need our prayers.

As you remember BTJ workers in your prayers, pray that they:

  1. Continually know the Lord’s presence and don’t feel alone
  2. Walk in discernment and wisdom
  3. Won’t grow weary in doing good
  4. Will know who to connect with
  5. Have provision of every kind (food, funds, etc.)
  6. Have healthy, life-giving relationships
  7. Remain strong and healthy
  8. Have favor with their work and with government officials
  9. Have no disruptions or hindrances in travel
  10. Remain strong and courageous
  11. Always speak with boldness and confidence
  12. Won’t succumb to the enemy’s schemes

Workers continually express their thanks and tremendous appreciation for those who remember them and stand with them in prayer. Though you may not be in a foreign country, your prayers are a vital part of the Gospel going forth and bearing fruit all over the world. To learn more about partnering with Back to Jerusalem, click here.

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