The Hidden Secrets of China’s Beauty

When most people travel to China, they often fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou. Few ever leave the metropolitan areas of China’s major cities, but China is a massive country and has so much more to offer than just concrete jungles.

There is an entire hidden world of special treasures for those who take the time to seek them out.

Many missionaries travel to China to preach the Gospel, but they stay because of the people, the food, and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape.

Two weeks ago, a drone was able to catch the blossoming flowers of peach tree blossoms in China’s Tibetan autonomous region. Waves of pink flowers dot the mountainous landscape in a way that you might never find anywhere else.

The video was posted on March 29, and only has 155 views.

This is a rare video indeed.  Click on the picture below to watch.




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