The Gnashing of Teeth in Syria – A Living Apocalypse

Without hyperbole, the nation of Syria is living in the apocalypse. It is a nation where wailing, suffering, and the gnashing of teeth is never ending. The sun and moon are drowned out daily by the smoke of bombs and explosions. Misery and suffering foretold in the book of Revelation is unfolding in Syria and the recent earthquake is just the tip of the iceberg.

12 years ago, inspired by the radical Islamic protests and government takesovers that were kicking off in neighboring countries (known as the Arab Spring), Syria spiraled into a bloody civil war that has not stopped in over a decade.

Since Syria’s deadly civil war began, the nation has become the central battlefield for the entire world. There is war between dictator Bashar al-Assad and ISIS, Iran and Israel, Turkey and the Kurds, Chinese and Ughyrs, America and Russia, and now – today – the supreme battle between death and life.

In February of this year, a massive earthquake smashed Turkey and Syria. Both nations suffered the death of thousands of people. Both nations had ancient cities decimated to the ground. Both nations need urgent aid and support, but one nation seems unreachable: Syria.

The nations of the world have gathered together in Syria for war. According to one report, more than half a million people have already been killed, more than 13 million people have been forced to flee their homes, and an estimated 15 million are now relying on humanitarian assistance.


For those lucky enough to survive the war with ISIS, the crossfire between Israel and Iran, China and the Ughyrs, Turkey and the Kurds, America and Russia, they then had to survive the attack of a worldwide pandemic as Covid-19 hit.

Without masks, sanitation, clinics, or vaccines, more people suffered and died. The wailing and gnashing of teeth seemed to have no end.

Then, on February 6th of this year, it could be said that many Syrians might have envied the dead as they were hit with another attack, this time from mother nature. As if the Syrians had not suffered enough, the ground rose up to attack them and a devastating earthquake claimed the lives of thousands more and left a quarter of a million people homeless.

International aid agencies feel helpless. It is not possible for most international aid groups to help in Syria. Charities are targeted, volunteers are kidnapped, and international aid workers have been killed.

However, there is hope.

God has called Chinese missionaries to go and serve in Syria. The Chinese are one of the few nationalities readily welcomed in Syria and BTJ representatives have been able to move in and provide aid and support.

For the last couple of months, BTJ missionaries have been able to provide food, blankets, supplies, and medical help. A Back to Jerusalem aid centre has been launched to provide many services to those hit the hardest. For security reasons, details of the aid centre cannot be released, but God is providing a way in the darkness. In a nation where the future seems bleak, Hope is once again being shared.

The Chinese team has written from Syria. They are doing well and have seen God move in an amazing way.

The average monthly income is only US$25,” wrote one Chinese missionary from Syria. The infrastructure is really bad, and there is only about 2 hours of power supply per day. Inflation is a serious problem, preventing most people from being able to afford fuel or food. Due to the long-term civil war, it is hard to know what has been destroyed by the war and what was destroyed by the earthquake. [The city] is no longer fit for living, but the people here have nowhere else to go.”

During their time there, the Chinese missionaries have built relationships with local stores to purchase food and supplies for weekly distribution. They have also rented a distribution facility which allows them to serve the community better.

Please continue to pray for the situation in Syria and the underground Chinese missionaries who are serving there.

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