Episode 623: URGENT – Stay Away From GETTR

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 623: URGENT - Stay Away From GETTR

Eugene has talked a lot about big tech, social media, and free speech. He has previously encouraged people to join Ding Dash and a couple other free speech-related social platforms, including GETTR. But he has urgent news on recent developments that have proved GETTR is not what it seems.

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  1. Eraina

    I just wanted to share my unique experience with the Chinese virus. I’m over 40 lived in NY up until the lockdown as a medical driver, got sick back in Feb 2020 for 4 days with what I thought were unusual symptoms (fever and no cold) had no idea it was covid. About 2 months later started having “issues” with my heart. My doctor says, “not to worry sometimes it weakens the lining around the heart, but not to worry, it “goes away.” No vaccine. I moved, a year later got delta, it kicked my butt for about a month, didn’t need to be hospitalized. I got Omicron just in time for Christmas, how annoying that sore throat was. I’ve had high cholesterol and am more than over weight (on paper) since this whole thing started…still NO VACCINE. I will gladly face it again roll the dice! No one can convince me this is Necessary. I believe the biggest lie is,” your symptoms won’t be as bad if you get .”
    Anyways, thanks to all who read this. God bless you and always keep you!



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