Office Letter from The Netherlands

Not everyone knows where the nation of the Netherlands is. We cant blame you. You almost need a magnifying glass to find our country on a world map! In this little country bordering the North Sea, lives a group of people who have come to love China, a country very different in size and bordering a different ocean, but close to our hearts.

We learn about the churches in China and the realities they face. We hear about their love for Jesus and missionary drive. Their stories move our hearts and move us into action. Though we are few and they are many, we feel close and connected in the love of Jesus, even more so during this time in which the world deals with the Coronavirus crisis.

It is said that nothing will be like it was before. Fortunately, that is not true. The things that matter remain the same. Like the Great Command. Loving God and our neighbor is our first and main calling. And with the Great Command comes the Great Commission, to go and make disciples.

Nothing is better than meeting with brothers and sisters from other nations and worshipping together. But this is not the time. We miss each others touch and presence. This imposed isolation helps us to understand our persecuted brothers and sisters better. Our lack of freedom is temporary, theirs often lasts for generations.

At the same time, we are incredibly thankful for the technology available to us in this age. We can still do a lot. In the Netherlands, the BTJ board meets through Zoom. Together we keep searching for possibilities to support the Chinese church in their mission and together we pray for them. We are making plans for a changed reality, looking for ways to show care and love now that we are restricted in travel and gatherings. It is a great privilege to work together for the gospel, with our little team, with you all and with the Chinese church.

We send our warm greetings from the Netherlands. And when restrictions are lifted, you are most welcome, if you can find us on the map.

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