Letter from Poland Office, Reaching the Lost Generation

Greetings from the Polish Office!

I’d love share about our the way we work here in Poland. Even though the “staff” in the office is just one guy working out of his home and a bunch of his Jesus loving friends, we are able to reach thousands of people every week, giving them the news from the persecuted church.

How so? 8 years ago me and a friend of mine started a Polish Bible Study channel on YouTube. In 7 years, we’ve managed to record and publish the first ever complete, non-denominational, free Bible study course, from Genesis to Revelation in Polish. This gave us a way to reach tens of thousands with every video we made. While doing these videos, we were thinking about the next steps, having our hearts burdened with the Underground Church.

Having in mind that YouTube is a tool that God taught us how to use, in March 2024, we transformed our Bible Study channel into a live-show where we reach out to the Polish speaking folks around the world. One of our programs is almost entirely dedicated to sharing the Back to Jerusalem News. With 1-2 hours of live stream, we are able to reach 4,000 unique viewers every week, aged from 18 to 60+. This is just the beginning—we can’t wait to see what God will do through this work.

What is the point? Is there fruit coming out of this online activity? Yes! We are getting messages every week from people who simply had no idea about the reality of the persecuted church and are now being inspired to pray, give and act where they can. In the last few weeks, people have been moved especially by the topics of orphans in Afghanistan, revival in Iran and the need for Bibles in China.

We can see that having this online activity gives us access to a very specific “unreached peoples group” – youth glued to their phones, submerged in altered reality. We are so happy that we can effectively preach the good news of Jesus to the next generation! We pray that bringing the BTJ vision and news from the persecuted church to the young Polish believers will transform their lives and they will be a spark to start the fire of revival in whole lost generation of Polish youth.

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