Letter from Canada Office

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.” (John 4:34)

Greetings from the Canadian office. We can joyously say that winter is done for a few weeks!

The world has gone through incredible turmoil the last few months and our country has not been spared. With the pandemic news cycle holding strong and the racial divide in a “no-win” position, the inundation of information, be it true or false, has put our planet on edge. The enemy is using fear to propagate hate, and people are hurting. The struggle is real, and the world doesn’t like it when there isn’t a clear solution, or a pill, or drug to fix something.

As believers, though, we know the solution. Jesus is using these unprecedented times to draw people to the truth, and to Himself.

Right now, the world – our governments, our leaders – are saying many different things. As individuals we cannot forget to be inquiring of our Lord for guidance. He is looking for those who hunger for Him, for those who get their greatest satisfaction, not from food or the world around them, but from doing His will. These are people that are obedient in their walk and accomplish His work.

On a personal note, we continue to have gatherings in our home. People are getting saved, baptized, and filled with His Spirit. God has not stopped in the west, nor will He ever. We live in such exciting times! Our country needs Jesus, and we want to do our part. As the Lord leads, please join us in the fall. We have our Canadian dates set for the Back to Jerusalem tour with Brother Yun; October 30-November 8. Things are in the planning stages, and we just want to thank you in advance for your prayers. At this point in time the idea will be to travel into the central provinces. All things are working together for good!

Blessings from Canada

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