2017 July Newsletter

Letter from Office

Every two months, we at Back to Jerusalem try to highlight in our newsletter some of the projects we are involved in. From the cold mountains of North Korea to the scorching deserts of Iran and Sudan, we provide exclusive snapshot reports from the field of where the Holy Spirit is moving. However, at BTJ, projects are not who we

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Tibetan Pastor Dying of Cancer

Special Report  Tibetan Pastor Dying of Cancer My name is Amdo and I am Tibetan. My family descends from a long line of Tibetan Buddhists, but that religious heritage which has brought bondage to generations of my family ends with me. I have been set free by Jesus Christ. I grew up in the Himalayan mountains in western China. Like

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Summer Sale

If you have not been to the backtojerusalem.com store recently, stop on by and see what’s new! Within the last year we have added several new books–some of the best we have ever published. These books are exciting, challenging, educational, and encouraging. One of my favorites, Genocide in the Desert, presents the history and deep Christian roots of Iraq; a

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GateKeeper Update

Recently BTJ successfully launched our GateKeeper Program! Our BTJ GateKeepers program continues to grow as people from all over the world join us to help: Fulfill the Great Commission. Evangelize to unreached people in the 10-40 Window. Deliver Bibles to people-groups in their native tongue (written & audio) globally. Support safe-houses and minister to former ISIS slaves. Missionary Training, for

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