Letter from Office

Every two months, we at Back to Jerusalem try to highlight in our newsletter some of the projects we are involved in. From the cold mountains of North Korea to the scorching deserts of Iran and Sudan, we provide exclusive snapshot reports from the field of where the Holy Spirit is moving.

However, at BTJ, projects are not who we are, they are what we do. You might think that you are supporting a Bible delivery service, or that you are praying for some distant humanitarian project, but you aren’t. When you partner with BTJ, you partner with the man or woman of God that is delivering a Bible. When you pray, you are praying for the person working the project.

Back to Jerusalem is not made up of a series of projects. We are a group of men and women called by God to take the Gospel to the most unreached areas on Earth. Our love and devotion to one another at BTJ runs deep because of the camaraderie that is built in the trenches of adversity.

That is why this newsletter is different than any newsletter we have ever sent out. This newsletter is not focused on our projects, but on one person we have come to love very dearly who is facing intense persecution.

This newsletter tells the story of a Tibetan pastor that we work with at BTJ, and his family that he is fighting for. He is dying of cancer and praying for a miracle. We love him dearly and want to share with you his testimony, as well as his need. Our desire is that, at the end of this newsletter, you too will love him and appreciate the sacrifice that he has made for the Kingdom.