🚨Children in Christian Village Hacked to Death This Morning – Mainstream Media Silent🚨



At least nine Christians are confirmed dead and seven people missing after an attack by Islamic terrorists this morning, according to a message from a BTJ partners on the ground. The attack took place in the early hours this morning in the region of Kaduna State – just north of the capital city.

“The village is Christian,” reported the BTJ pastor in Nigeria.

We received pictures of children that have been butchered to death with machetes that are extremely disturbing.

These attacks are not uncommon. They have been happening every week. No one has been brought to justice and major news outlets are not reporting on these events.

“The villages in that part are known as Christian villages…and the attacks are from Muslim radicals,” said the message from BTJ’s partner on the ground today. “The governor is Muslim…his name is El Rufai. Nothing has ever been done [concerning the attacks against Christians].”

Below is a picture of three young children that were hacked to death and left for dead, during the attack.

This is a picture of a woman found in the same area who had her head sliced open.

According to the Twitter account @savndaniel, the picture below is of a 3 year old Elizebeth Samaila who had been brought to the hospital after the attack on her village. From the photo below, it appears that her face has suffered extreme trauma and her left eye looks to be swollen shut.

With more than than 630 people killed by Muslim extremists this year in Nigeria – most of them Christians – the church needs to pray.

Since January this year, a Christian has been martyred in the country of Nigeria every six hours.

We must get the word out and share. These precious believers need our partnership more now, than ever before.

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  1. Oh Lord have mercy on our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Protect them from fear and compromise and let their lives be precious in Your eyes. Save Nigeria.

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