US Stops ALL Chinese Airlines From Flying to or From the USA

Tensions between the US and China escalated today, when it was announced a few hours ago that all Chinese passenger airlines are now banned from flying into or out of the United States, starting on June 16.

The announcement was made in retaliation to a similar ban by the Chinese government on American companies.

United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American airlines angered the Chinese government when they stopped their flights to China amid the coronavirus outbreak. China did not forget. When the US airlines sought to resume their flights to China in June, the Civil Aviation Authority of China did not respond to their request.

The U.S. Transportation Department officials attempted to privately press the Chinese officials to change their position during a call on May 14th and approve the flights from US airlines, arguing that China was in violation of a 40-year-old agreement that governs flights between the two countries. The talks failed.

In response to China preventing US carriers from flying to China, the US has now stopped all Chinese carriers from flying to or from the US.

All flights being canceled between the two countries is a big blow to both nations and highlights the strange time that we are in and will impact BTJ’s work.  The escalation between the two nations comes at a time when the entire world is going through major changes.

Prayers are needed.

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