The Lame Shall Take The Prey (eBook)

The Lame Shall Take The Prey: The One-legged Missionary Who Transformed China

George and his wife, Grace Stott, were the very first pioneer missionaries to bring the Gospel to Wenzhou, which is now known as the “Jerusalem of China,” because of its large and thriving Christian population. Their journey to China was anything but easy and the joys and pains of their 26-year journey are carefully captured in the following pages.

Rejected, attacked, persecuted, chased, stoned, and at one point even accused of cutting the hearts and liver from small Chinese children to grind up into medicine, George and Grace Stott did not stop preaching the Gospel. George, the one-legged Scotsman, limped from village to village preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. In his own words: “the lame shall take the prey.”

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