Episode 576: Update – Attack On Israel With Rabbi Myles Weiss

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 576: Update - Attack On Israel With Rabbi Myles Weiss

Rabbi Myles Weiss returns to the podcast to discuss the recent events unfolding in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas.


  1. Josh

    I don’t think you realize it but you didn’t push back on anything he said. Killing is bad no matter who does it. You act as if the government of Isreal is perfect and can do no wrong. I do believe Isreal should defend their lives and property! But can the Palestinian?
    Can you even say the words yes they can?????
    We are called to evangelize the nations, not bomb them!!!!!
    Do you and Myles realize that a Isreal is a non believing (in Jesus) nation.
    Why act like they are believers?
    You make me sad!

    1. Eugene

      Josh, it sounds like you would have liked to hear some push-back on the podcast. You are welcome to join our podcast. I invite you to push back as much as you like and defend your position. Send me a PM at sinobach@gmail.com and I will arrange a podcast with you on the phone unedited to share your views.
      You are correct, as Christians we are called to evangelize the nations – not bomb them – so how many times have you been to Israel to preach the Gospel? Once? Hundreds? As many as Myles perhaps? How many times? Just please don’t let me down and tell me that you are so convicted in your beliefs that you haven’t been to Israel yet. You correctly stated that Israel is a non-believing nation and you sound very passionate about this, so please do share how much this actually means to you. Would you like to compare your record to Myles? As a former orthodox Jew, Myles has led many Jewish non-believers to make the same decision that he has to follow Christ, so please ask yourself, how many Jews have you led to follow after Christ. Are you a talker or a doer?
      Let me ask you Josh, which is more sad? To believe and not do or to do and not believe?
      I eagerly await your email for the podcast interview.
      Heaps of blessings! eugene

      1. Laurencia

        Josh sounds like a young believer. I like his passion and the fact that he is eager to give his view point. What an asset Josh would be if He has an ecounter with the Holy Spirit when the truth is revealed to him just like Saul had an encounter on the road to Damascus. Josh needs guidance. Maybe Myles can reach out to him.
        Shalom to Israel.
        Cape Town
        South Africa.

    2. Myles Weiss

      Shalom/Salaam Josh!
      Thanks for your heartfelt concern for my Arab cousins. All Jews who follow Jesus weep and mourn over the wars and the loss of Arab life. Israel is like my area in the SF Bay…[and the USA] a mix of very secular ungodly worldviews and a remnant of Messiah followers. No one believes that Israel’s government is perfect! Far from it. My wife and I have been partnering with the Gospel in Israel for decades, including being ardent supporters of Palestinian Christians. Perhaps our website can fill in some of the info that will help you understand the history and the complexity of the issues. blessings, myles
      … on the web at mkhop.org


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