Episode 460: Coronavirus Update – How Many People Have Died In China?

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 460: Coronavirus Update - How Many People Have Died In China?

Eugene wants to give you an update on the coronavirus situation in China. This episode focuses on answering three questions: What is the timeline? Where did this virus start? How many people have died in China?

5 thoughts on “Episode 460: Coronavirus Update – How Many People Have Died In China?”

  1. Wow. So much information. Thank you. The hatred this shows for President Trump is mind blowing. I’m not an American but this was eye opening. God bless

  2. At this point I think there is corruption everywhere, and all sides have made mistakes and continue to provoke each other. I think we need to stop the finger-pointing, be humble, and try to move forward in a more constructive way.

  3. How about transcribing your podcasts? People talk at 150wpm, but read at 200-250wpm. Reading this would take me at least 45m less than listening to it.

    1. That is a great idea, but we do not have the man power to do so. If anyone would like to volunteer to transcript podcast, please let us know.
      Also some podcast apps let you adjust the speed. I rarely listen to podcast or audio books at normal speed, sometimes at 1.5 the speed and even at 2 times the speed, getting through them in half the time.

  4. Truth allows us to move forward by shedding light and making transparent those things that some would rather be kept in the dark. I appreciate the objective truth put forward in this podcast from the extensive research. When you know who the enemy is you would be wise to keep your eyes open to learn how they operate!

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