Episode 397: Rise of Anti-Semitism – With Robin Rowan

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 397: Rise of Anti-Semitism - With Robin Rowan

Robin Rowan is a recipient of the ‘Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism.’ After many years in government oversight for U.S. Inspectors Generals, Ms. Rowan conducts extensive research and mandates truth over politics. She is a political activist for the US-Israel relationship, serving as lay lobbing leader and six years on the National Council of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). (Views expressed do not reflect views of AIPAC.) An ordained minister, she speaks to Churches of all denominations on Israel and the importance of the Christian advocacy and engagement in politics.

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  1. Robin Rowan

    Eugene you were correct in your observation that anti-Semitism appears the strongest where socialism or communism takes hold. In America, the anti-Semitism is rising within the far-left, liberal, pro-socialist movement. Unfortunately, this movement took over our educational system decades ago. Now as the youth taught anti-Israel and far-left ideologies, they carry it into the workplace and politics. We see the consequences now. Anti-Semitism in America, attacks on synagogues, Congresswomen openly anti-Semitic, is the consequence.


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