Episode 170: What You Don’t Know About Africa

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 170: What You Don't Know About Africa

Have we talked about Africa yet? Eugene thinks that the world is missing something that is going to change the continent of Africa forever. The Chinese are doing something there that you really need to hear about.

1 thought on “Episode 170: What You Don’t Know About Africa”

  1. Hy, a believer here from Kenya, we do appreciate the infrastructure projects going on supported by China but some of us are rather skeptical of the long-term benefits having gone through a similar experience in the early 20th century, railways were built, missionaries moved in and they were soon followed by colonizers. My specific concern is the amount of debt our governments are taking on to co fund these projects and at times it seems like Esau that we are ‘selling’ our birthrite. The infrastructure development I believe is part of china’s global road and belt initiative to position it as a global player.

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