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Standing up for the Women

Eugene and Anna Luke sit down for a conversation about women: in the family, in religion, facing persecution and in light of so many unique challenges, how do we respond by faith? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. TWO GUYS : Episode # 24

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A Trip that Changed My Life

This one is dedicated to crazy friends... Anna Luke shares about a trip that she took to Iraq, and the steps that it took in order for her to make that decision. TWO GUYS* Episode # 23 *Yes, we realize that this video does NOT feature 2 Guys. Celebrating mothers day, Anna Luke crashed...

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Persecution and Publicity

When you suffer for your faith, what is the right response publicly? Two Guys - Episode 21 Back to Jerusalem 'Two Guys' is just a series of conversations with minimal pretext for two guys to talk about anything and everything from the perspective of life on mission.    

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