Willing to Serve

I just returned from a weekend conference where Brother Yun was invited to be one of the guest speakers. As I worked at the Back to Jerusalem book table, I was able to meet many of the people in attendance and several people commented that when Brother Yun began to speak, they sensed a special anointing over his words.

It is truly a privilege to know and work with Brother Yun and others like him. It’s refreshing to watch his life and see the same man in the car, at the hotel and in restaurants that you see on the stage. He doesn’t pretend to be one thing on stage and another when he’s off stage.

When Back to Jerusalem sets up a book table, all books and materials are always offered for any donation, meaning there are no set prices and no expected donation amount. In fact, when people show up and are not able to make a donation, they will still walk away with whichever books they want. At this event, people appeared to be taken back by this. Many people were in tears as they realized they would actually be able to get the books they wanted and left the tent with arms full of books and bears.

As I thought about this, I began to realize what a blessing it is to be a part of an organization that does not focus on buildings, but on people. It is amazing to see the advancement of the gospel as Chinese evangelists go forth with no glamor, no limelight, no focus on themselves, but simply with a heart to serve. As we begin this new year, what if we took this same attitude? What if we focused on what we could do for others instead of what they could do for us? What if we were just willing to serve – serve in any way God called us, even if it’s in the background where no one sees?

Perhaps our lives and the lives of those around us might change if we all had this same attitude.


  1. Yuleny Noguera

    Dios les bendiga y les guarde hermano Yun y todo su equipo, excelente labor,Recién hoy termine de leer su libro El Hombre Celestial, impactante testimonio y que confrontó mi vida, soy venezolana, pero Dios me permitió salir de mi país, con mi familia a Argentina, hace cuatro años, a cumplir La Gran Comisión,oramos por cada misionero en los cinco continentes y que Dios nos ayude a cumplir su mandato y mantener nuestras vidas en Santidad en medio de tanta distracción y ataques del enemigo. Un abrazo fraterno de nuestra familia para el equipo y cada creyente miembro de esta organización.


    God bless you and keep you brother Yun and all your team, excellent work, Just today I finished reading your book The Heavenly Man, shocking testimony and that confronted my life, I am Venezuelan, but God allowed me to leave my country, with my family to Argentina, four years ago, to fulfill The Great Commission, we pray for each missionary in the five continents and that God help us to fulfill his mandate and maintain our lives in Holiness in the midst of so much distraction and attacks from the enemy. A fraternal hug from our family to the team and each believer who is a member of this organization.

  2. Gay Stacey

    I am reading Brother Yun book. I am so humbled by reading and flooded with a new love for our precious Jesus. Please. Pray I be obedient. That no obstacle stands in my way of obedience.

  3. Tim Bratt

    I teach middle school for decade’s and have read “The Heavenly Man “ regularly to my students in seventh grade. I have seen the power of God at work in the students when it is read. One former student went into missions because of the book. God bless your work as you help finish the great commission.

  4. maria do carmo mariano

    amei ler o livro homem do céu muito impactante mudou completamente a minha vida de orar e ver os missionários

    I loved reading the book man from heaven very impactful it completely changed my life of praying and seeing the missionaries

  5. Gina

    Where do you teach middle school? It’s impressive that they allow you to read this book to the kids.


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