Why pray for North Korea? 30 reasons for 30 days

We have started another 30 days of prayer; this time for North Korea. We are hoping you will join in! But why spend your precious summer holiday praying for North Korea? Here are 30 reasons.

Mission and the church

  1. It is the business of the church that God’s name is glorified in all the earth. That includes North Korea.
  2. North Koreans have not been able to freely hear or share the gospel for 70 years.
  3. The last generation of Christians who were around before communism took over are dying out, without having had a chance to worship in freedom.
  4. A person in possession of a Bible risks imprisonment or death.
  5. North Korea consistently makes the top 3 of nations with the most severe persecution against Christians.
  6. North Korea has been a tremendous hub for mission in the past, and has the potential to be so again, like South Korea is now.
  7. North Korean house church leaders and evangelists are risking their lives everyday to plant churches
  8. Thousands of Christians suffer in prison camps, where they are tortured and often die.
  9. The church in North Korea has grown despite persecution, and they need the support from their brothers and sisters world wide.
  10. Foreign missionaries in North Korea have either had to leave because of Corona lockdown, or are really struggling to keep their projects going, while stuck in the country.

Politics and oppression

  1. Tens of thousands of people are still separated from their family members in the South and may never see them again unless things change.
  2. People are trapped in a system of paranoia, where the outside world is the enemy.
  3. North Koreans have no chance to see the world as it is, to travel or to freely read world literature.
  4. North Korea’s leader is worshipped, forcing people into idolatry
  5. North Korea sells nuclear technology to the enemies of Israel.
  6. North Korea poses a threat to peace in Asia and the West, particularly the US.
  7. Children have to waste much of their childhood memorising propaganda.
  8. There is no freedom of speech.
  9. The peace talks with the South have stalled and North Korea is once again on a course of provocations.
  10. North Korea is caught between world powers, and them remaining as they are now is in the interest of China. They will do all they can to stop North Korea becoming free like South Korea.

Economics and poverty

  1. TB is rampant in North Korea, and medical treatment difficult to get.
  2. 40% of North Koreans are malnourished.
  3. Access to clean water and electricity remains problematic, even in the capital
  4. North Korean women are trafficked in China, and often sold as brides.
  5. North Korean men work as virtual slaves in China and Russia.
  6. North Korea’s health system is so underdeveloped that many people die needlessly
  7. Corruption is so severe, that it is difficult to do viable business
  8. This year there have been severe food shortages and many people can eat only once a day.
  9. A rigid caste system in North Korea means the elite can be well off, while others have no chance of ever getting above the poverty line.
  10. With a malnourished population and an underdeveloped health system, North Korea is at risk of a devastating Corona outbreak

Are you convinced yet? Please join us at DingDash everyday this month and pray with us for North Korea!

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