WHAT? North Korean President Issues Rare Apology for Killing of South Korean Official

If there has ever been proof that Kim Jong Un may no longer be alive and someone else is secretly running the country, it is this – the leader of North Korea just issued a rare apology for the death of a South Korean official.

Of course the leader of North Korea is not dead, but the world is seriously stunned to learn that Kim Jong Un reportedly sent a letter to South Korea’s President Moon, admitting that the killing and burning of the body of a South Korean official was a “disgraceful affair” and should not have happened.

Earlier this week it was reported that a 47-year-old South Korean official went missing near the North Korean border. It was later reported by the South Korean military that the official was discovered floating in the waters near the border, and the North Korean Navy was called to help with the situation. The North Korean sailors opened fire on the official, shooting him several times and then burned his body.

This killing of a South Korean by North Korean forces is the first for decades and has caused outrage in South Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s letter called it a “disgraceful affair” and said he felt “very sorry” for “disappointing” President Moon and the South Korean people. He said that he understood “more than anyone the kind of pressure and hardship” and admitted that it has been challenging for them to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and damage from the recent typhoons. Kim Jong Un admitted that he shared the pain and suffering of the “Southern people.”

This rare apology and admission of guilt from a leader who claims to be infallible might reveal that the country is ready to engage the rest of the world again.

BTJ missionaries are working inside North Korea today to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is admittedly not an easy time. Much prayer is needed.

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