What Jordan Peterson Reveals on the Joe Rogan Podcast That We Learned the Hard Way in China

Jordan Peterson joined the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast earlier this year after visiting the Bible Museum in Washington DC and what he learned on that trip was revelational. “I just walked through the Museum of the Bible in Washington,” the trend-setting academic said, before revealing what he learned. “I just figured it out…I just figured it out this week,” he continues, “it isn’t that the Bible is true, it is that the Bible is the precondition for the manifestation of truth, which makes it way more true than just truth.”

Jordan Peterson is a world-renowned Canadian clinical psychologist and former academic professor who has gained a massive online following for his controversial breakthroughs on social thinking, which often are in conflict with mainstream talking points. He was admittedly agnostic, but has been very open about his search for the truth in today’s society and, on his journey, he has discovered that the Bible is not only true, but it more true than truth because it is the “precondition for the manifestation of truth.”


In practical terms, this simply means that any statement or idea that is in line with the Bible can be categorized as truth and anything that goes against the teachings of the Bible is a lie.

In China, the Communist Party has spent more than 100 years teaching that the Bible is not true. In fact, soon after Mao Zedong took over in 1949, he ordered all the Bibles to be rounded up and burned in the streets and a new, more modern book, was put in its place, known colloquially as the Little Red Book of Mao Zedong’s Quotes.

The emphasis in China during the days of Mao was no different than it is today. The focus of the educated elite was to destroy the old and make way for the new. The old China (backwards) was to be replaced with the New China (modern). An old system (feudalism) was to be replaced with a new system (socialism). Most importantly, and what is familiar to Christians in China, old books (the Bible) were to be replaced with new books (Science and Mao Zedong Thought).

After the Bible was burned and Christians were either re-educated or killed, the influence of Mao’s new book became the new religion and Mao became a god to be worshiped. Mao’s teachings were truth and the Bible was a lie, but as Jordan Peterson pointed out, the Bible is the “precondition for the manifestation of truth.” This fact that Jordan Peterson has stumbled upon is not just true for Canada, but is universal.

After more than 70 years of Communist rule in China, the inescapable truth is this – the number of Christians is far more than the number of registered members in the Communist Party. Mao is dead and Jesus is alive. Mao’s Little Red Book has been abandoned and the Bible is the number one most demanded book in the world.


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  1. Ancient China practiced Confuscionism and Taoism and Buddhism. Ying and Yang and Earthy things and Peace and Harmony and teachings. Confusions had many sayings. For China to suddenly handle Catholicism and Christianity and Islam is hard for the Communist Party to take. But not all because in their Hearts are already there but are afraid to tell. They believe secretly in their hearts. Over the years since Judiasm many had to secretly worship and pray in secret so the soldiers wouldn’t arrest them and either kill them or put them in jail for doing this. That’s why the Jews way back as they were praying they took out the dreidal and pretended to be playing a game when the soldiers came by to fool them to not see them praying and they also did this in Auschwitz too. Other Religions where the Leader or the followers of another Faith forbid other religions must too worship in secret. My relative Saint John Ogilvie of Scotland a Priest converted the Scottish to Catholicism and hid masses in the Underground Church so the King of England didn’t find out. But someone spied on him and turned him in to to King. The King had him arrested in Paisley and put in prison for converting people to being Catholics and the King demanded that John gave him all the names of the Catholics and where they were hiding but Saint John Ogilvie refused so the King had him tortured for 9 days but John wouldn’t give him any of the names or where they were hiding so the King ordered that he had him hung at Glasgow Cross where there was a huge crowd to watch it and as he was hung he threw his Rosary Beads into the crowd and a soldier caught it and was converted. Saint John Ogilvie is the Patron Saint of JUSTICE. His National Shrine is in Glasgow and in another Church where there is 24/7 Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament there is an oil painting a painting done by a painter of his hanging behind the Exposed Blessed Sacrament of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall. China I believe that the Communist Party and the Leader Xi Jin Ping has soften and has rethought his views on the Uyghur Muslims and Christians in China and the icing on the cake is that Christians I just read are allowed to have Mass. It’s a start in the right direction. You can’t cram or force religion on anyone. It takes time. Some people are easy but others are difficult. My favorite story is Saul into Paul. Saul was constantly persecuting Jesus Christ and on the road to Damascus Jesus thundered over Saul this, Saul Saul why are you Persecuting me? Jesus knocked him off his horse and blinded him for 3 days. Saul was converted and loved Jesus and did many writings in the Catholic Church and because a great Saint after spending all his time persecuting Jesus Christ.

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