What is the Darkest Scripture in the Bible?

Many times we don’t understand what is happening in the spiritual realm; many times our western minds are reluctant to even believe it exists. In fact, sometimes the stories told to us in scripture are so spiritually weird, they don’t seem to be Biblical. One such story is the story of Saul going to a medium to bring Samuel from the dead to give him advice; 1 Samuel 28.

For our 666th episode of the BTJ Podcast, Eugene wants to discuss what he believes may be the darkest verse in the entire Bible. This is the second part of a special podcast series, “Miracles Behind the Veil” and Eugene is joined by a BTJ sister to share stories of spiritual significance and of spiritual deliverance happening in closed countries today.

This episode will challenge Western Christian doctrine and theology, but do you believe that what happened in the Bible still happens today?

Be challenged by these stories by clicking below:

Episode 666

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