What Does ‘Loving Your Enemies’ Really Mean?

What is motivating your Christian life? When you understand that your identity is rooted in Christ, then you can revel in the supernatural power of the Kingdom that He has promised to you.

Christians are often seen as strange people; non-believers don’t understand why Christians would love their enemies. You may have heard the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife a hundred times, but there is a striking parallel to Christians today that may not be immediately apparent. Eugene looks at Genesis 39 about Potiphar and Joseph and allows us to see similarities between them and Christians in many nations. Although the government is not following God as Lord, God will bless the nation because of the Christians within it.

Can peace be used as a threat and acceptance deemed a necessity? Is the Bible outdated? Eugene talks about these questions more in the following podcast:

Episode 240: Potiphar’s Wife In Pakistan

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