What Do We Do When Free Speech is Used to Speak Against the Bible?

Recently, Titus Hartford stood outside of a church holding a sign that congregants could read as they arrived for services. After being approached by church leaders and a police officer, that ultimately arrested him, was this handled correctly. Does the Bible speak of this, and how would your church handle a similar situation? Eugene invites an American pastor, Chris Monaghan, back on to the podcast. to get Chris’ take on how he would handle a similar situation.

Let’s listen in as Pastor Chris and Eugene wrestle with the challenge of free speech, when that free speech is used to speak against the Bible.

Episode 645: Anti-Christian Protestors’ Rights

2 thoughts on “What Do We Do When Free Speech is Used to Speak Against the Bible?”

  1. No one should speak against the Bible and when you do it’s Blaspheming God because the Bible is Truth. Muslims feel the exact same way about the Qran and if you speak out against the Qran and also especially Mohammed they get very angry.

  2. Thomas Jefferson had the same opinion of Paul, as explained in his “Letter to William Short”:

    “Paul was the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus.”

    When a missionary tries to fulfill the great commission by teaching “All things whatsoever Jesus commanded the twelve apostles, they encounter this dilemma. Few are brave enough to tell anyone about it.

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