What Christians Should Know About Trump’s New Social Media

Thousands of users, including the former President of the US, were kicked off of multiple social media platforms in January of this year, including Facebook and Twitter, leaving many users to jump ship and move over to Parler. When Parler became a viable alternative, social media giants immediately maneuvered their power and engaged in clear racketeering to stop hosting services and had Parler shut down.

The power of the technocrats was on full display in 2020 and early 2021, with Christians being blocked and booted from their accounts for posting things that the higher powers did not like. Certain political, medical, and theological ideas were off the table and anyone violating the ‘rules’ was blocked, with zero recourse.

However, DingDash was able to ride out the waves and continue operating as a free speech forum for Christians around the world, in spite of the massive opposition.

In response to being gagged by social media giants, former President Trump, the most notorious and powerful victim of the technocrats, started his own social media-like communication platform called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.”

Only hours after it was launched, it was blocked on social media.

Many Christians have been waiting for a great alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Here are the reasons why From the Desk of Donald J Trump is riddled with problems and why DingDash is still a better alternative.

1. Name

From the Desk of Donald J Trump” … honestly? Is the name long enough?

2. Not Social

From the Desk of Donald J Trump is not social. It is a one-way communication channel, so followers can’t respond or interact.

3. Not Immune – Not Even Close

The hope is that From the Desk of Donald J Trump can be shared on social media by followers, even though Trump’s personal account is blocked. The problem is, if social media wants to stop your voice on their platform, it is very simple for them to block your domain.

4. Hosting

FTDDJT is hosted on CLOUDFLARE. It is still to be seen whether CLOUDFLARE is able to handle the heat under pressure better than AMAZON did when challenged by the attack on Parler.

For Christians who are looking for a free and open platform for communication, DingDash.com still offers the best alternative.

You can open up an account for free by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “What Christians Should Know About Trump’s New Social Media”

  1. I am a born again African-American(Black) woman in America. I’ve been listening to your audio book on you tube all week, I’ve got an hour to go. At first I thought there was hope in your ministry in asking God for deliverance from this racist system again black people especially the racist Republican Party and the Evangelical pastors or the silence thereof. We write National Proposed legislation called The Equality In Policing Act(Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act:URLEIA) that would strengthen the George Floyd Act that the Democrats/Republicans are trying to push thru because it has no teeth and will not bring change. the restructure policing in America The history of black American still are held hostage by a racist system even when a few blacks are ejected in office, they end up betraying us. Right now Congress is pushing The George Floyd Act through, but The Equality In Policing Act(URlEiA) would restructure our Policing System see ChangeIsOnUs.org, but white Republicans will NOT support anything for black people. Don’t be deceived, the Evangelical are under cover racist. I’m desperate for a move if God. I know you have been to the white churches, what about the Black churches? We need a miracle 3145327063. If God did it for you he will do it for us. Blacks seem to be an endangered species, especially by white pastors. Hope to hear from Bro Yum. In Jesus’ name All this is good but my heart was troubled when I saw the areticke on Donald Trump who almost destroyed this country with his wicked ways. This Nan dies not know Jesus and hate black people. He supports the white supremacy movement and we are in trouble because is still lose trying to taje over the county. When I saw this article on him, my heart sunk and I said “oh no”. I am so desperate for a move of God in Black America devastated community from the racist system and our own black leaders(clergy/politicians) and white Anerica, I just feel like leaving the country but I am asking the LORD to tell me what to do, where to do it and how to do what he wants of me, I’m am so desperate for a move of God 3145327063

    1. Sister Maxine,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us and I pray that you enjoy the rest of the audio book. I am excited that you crave to see a revival, but am saddened that you only mention that you want to see it among racial lines. You said that you are thinking of leaving America. Perhaps that would be a great idea! May I suggest you go to an area that has never heard the Gospel and there you can preach the Good News to those that have never heard. One idea is for you to be a missionary to Sudan. I spent most of last month in Sudan and there is a church that you could visit in Khartoum called St. Matthews. The pastor is a priest by the name of Immanuel. Immanuel is from South Sudan. Armies from Sudan raided his area, killed his fellow tribesmen, raped the women and took their children as slaves. Slavery is still very active in Sudan. Immanuel could have spent his entire life hating the people of Sudan for what they did to his homeland in the south, but instead he chose love. He moved to Khartoum and today he serves those that hate him. He loves those that enslave his people. He is working for revival in a nation that is 99% Muslim, where Christians are executed for their faith.

      I am sorry to say that racism and atrocities against others for race has existed in every nation at all times – It existed between the Jews and Gentiles, between the Assyrians and the Babylonians, between the Romans and the non-Romans, in Sudan between the Nubians and the Arabs, in China between the Han and the non-Han minorities, in Rwanda between the Hutus and the Tutsis. The Egyptians made slaves of the Jews. The Saudis made slaves of the Egyptians. The Romans made slaves of the Germans. The British made slaves of the Ugandans. The Japanese made slaves of the Chinese. And yes, as you know, sadly the Americans made slaves of those from Africa. And you must be aware that Africans too (in Tripoli) made slaves of early white Americans and in fact, that eventually led to the very first foreign war for America and is a part of the Marine Corps hymn. I know this because I am a former US Marine and I had to learn the hymn.

      It is only in the Kingdom of God that we find equality. It is only in forgiveness that we find justice. It is only in love that we find hope.

      As for me, 21 years ago I was sent to live in China by my African American church. I am one of the only white guys in my home church. My pastor is Bishop Anthony Williams and he is my spiritual father. I was his armor bearer for many years as he discipled me. He grew up on the cotton farms of Mississippi way back in the day. The things that he experienced as a black American were harsh, but yet he never held on to the hate when he reached out to love me, disciple me, and send me out as a missionary from his church. You are free to contact him (awilliamsmurrieta@gmail.com). He has traveled all around the world with me – to Ethiopia, Somalia, Dubai, Iraq, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet, etc to see the work that we are able to do together. None of that work would have been possible if he imposed racial barriers between he and I. None of my work would be possible if I saw the mission work through the lens of race. He accepted me as his spiritual son even though I represented a race that represented racism in the cotton fields of Mississippi. At BTJ we work with Asians, Africans, Middle Easterners and our work would be short lived if we were to stop and calculate all the wrongs that one group of people had done to another group of people.

      If someone looks like me, talks like me, and shares my culture, but does not believe in Jesus – then we share nothing in common. If someone who doesn’t look like me, doesn’t share my language, culture, or race but believes in Jesus – then we are of one family in Christ! Our bond in Christ goes beyond race, political parties, and historical pain.

      Revival isn’t based on race or ethnicity. Peter recognized this when God called him to minister to the Roman oppressors, who occupied Jewish land and imposed their racist laws against the Jews, when he said, “God is no respecter of Persons.” Acts 10:34.

      We are called the Back to Jerusalem vision because we believe in completing the Great Commission and preach the Gospel to the people who live in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East….all the way back to Jerusalem. My prayer is that you will soon leave America and go to the nations that need to hear the Good News and that you will preach the Gospel – not based on race or pain – but based on your love for all people through the transformative power of Jesus Christ. I pray that you will see revival in this way, in the nations that are without the Word of Life. And one day we will stand before Christ together – not as a black sister and a white brother – but as children of the King! AMEN!!!

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