What can we learn from the persecuted church? What lessons do they have to teach us? How can we prepare for the coming days of persecution?

For the first time in our history, BTJ is hosting the VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH CONFERENCE to highlight the testimonies of underground house church leaders from China, the Middle East and Africa.

Come and join us in Dallas, Texas, on October 22 & 23 for a powerful weekend of sitting at the feet of the persecuted church and learning from their experiences.



$35 – General Admission: Access to the full conference on Saturday and Sunday

$85 – Hallelujah Package: General admission access to the full conference on Saturday and Sunday, PLUS access to the Texas BBQ Meet & Greet Dinner on Friday night with our special speakers.

For many generations, the western world has been a safety bastion for Christians, but that is changing quickly. Persecution against Christians around the world, including in the west, is increasing fast – as promised to us in the last days.

This increase of persecution is leading many believers to ask the question, “How do we deal with this increase of persecution and what can we learn from those who have gone through it?”

不要怕(Bu yao pa)! – “Do not fear!” – is the message from Brother Yun. This increase of persecution is not a reason to fear, but it is a reason to rejoice, for the day of the return of Jesus is closer now than ever before.

The VoP Conference ’22 will have speakers such as Brother Yun and his son Isaac Liu from China, Mariam Ibraheem from Sudan, Naghmeh Panahi from Iran, and Sister Esther from North Korea. They will share detailed information about the increase of Christian oppression, evangelism during infliction, and revival during times of intense persecution.

This conference will be in an intimate setting and SPACE IS LIMITED.

An optional ‘meet-the-speakers’ Texas BBQ pre-conference dinner will be held on Friday evening, October 21 at 6:00pm, for those who would like the opportunity to spend some time with the speakers. Additional ticket is required for the meet & greet, limited to 200 people.

Tentative Conference Schedule:

  • October 21st
    • 6:00pm – Texas BBQ Meet & Greet (Ticket required – Included in Hallelujah Package)
  • October 22nd – Conference Day 1
    • 9AM-12Noon
    • Break for lunch
    • 2PM-6PM
  • October 23rd – Conference Day 2
    • 9AM-12Noon
    • Break for lunch
    • 2PM – 5PM

Speakers will include:

  • Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man)
  • Brother Yun’s son Isaac Liu (China)
  • Mariam Ibraheem (Sudan)
  • Naghmeh Panahi (Iran)
  • Esther (North Korea)
  • Eugene Bach


  1. Remember what Jesus always said, They hated me first. Because of me they will hate you too. But not all. Gazillions love Jesus Christ, God. When you get Persecuted by others because of your Faith they are also Persecuting God. We are in the World right now full of so much evil and the Anti-Christ and the Devill is running havoc trying to gather as many people he can to belong to him in Hell. The Devil entices and lures and tricks and lies and deceives and tempts. Don’t fall into his TRAP and alawys follow God. God will never do any of the above. That’s how you know whether what you’re doing is coming from God or Satan, the Devil. That’s called discernment. God would never tell you to do evil bad immoral corrupt perverted or unethical or criminal or hurtful things. These things and millions more come straight from Satan never God. Like for instance my Cyberbullyier paid a girl in mt building to burn down our building leaving 2 separate ARSON THREATS to kill 61 families with a box of matches and a tiny rock painted with black letters saying (In God). The rock should have said (In Satan). Because God would never tell anyone to burn down a building and kill 61 families only Satan the Devil would do such an evil criminal horrific thing not ever God.

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