What 41 Edits to Wikipedia’s Definition of “Recession” Means for the Church

In a propaganda war, definitions are important. This is why the world’s largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has become a battleground with an unbelievable 41 edits and re-definitions in the past seven days in an unprecedented attempt to alter the historical definition of the word “recession.”

The war of words started on Thursday, when the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) estimated that the U.S. economy shrank for the second straight quarter. The agreed upon definition of a recession has always been – according to Wikipedia one week ago – “two consecutive quarters of negative growth.” Now that the US is in two consecutive quarters of negative growth, there is a push to protect the current administration from criticism by changing the definition.

This is Chinese propaganda 101. In the 1950s, Mao Zedong waged a war on language and implemented linguistic engineering. By changing the meaning of the common vernacular, he was able to turn Christians into public enemy #1.

For instance, Christians were not faithful followers of Jesus Christ, they were “anti-revolutionaries.” Preachers did not share the Gospel, they gave ‘opium to the masses.’ Christians didn’t help the orphans, build hospitals, and teach the illiterate, they ‘disrupted social harmony.’

Changing the definition of terms, words, and ideas is essential for transforming a society. JI FENGYUAN of the University of Canterbury wrote, “The leaders of twentieth century Marxist regimes knew that if they were to create societies of virtuous revolutionaries, they would need to remake people’s minds – aggressively, systematically and profoundly. Without exception, they regarded control of language as crucial to the attempt. Lenin identified the Communist Party’s most critical task as ‘the selection of language.’ Stalin saw language as an important ‘instrument of struggle and development of society.’ And Mao instituted the greatest program of linguistic engineering the world has seen.”

The changing of the meaning of the word “recession” might seem trivial, but in China we have seen this war on words have a dramatic impact on Christians. In the West, we are seeing this attack on definitions for “woman,” “child,” “marriage,”… the list goes on and on.

In China, they have even gone so far as funding an effort to translate the entire Bible into a language that is more socialist friendly. China is redefining the way that Greek and Hebrew words are translated into the Chinese language, so that the meaning of certain passages can be more accommodating to the Communist Party.


3 thoughts on “What 41 Edits to Wikipedia’s Definition of “Recession” Means for the Church”

  1. Thank you for the article, is brings clarity to what is being imposed on the US citizens. Praying for all my brothers and sisters in Christ to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. A recession is definetly need in the United States where things are wacked out astronomically insane in the pricing of everything where some things have doubled in price that the Average Joe’s can’t make it in the United States but only for the Wealthy and Priviledged. We are back to (The have’s vs. The have not’s) you either have it or you don’t. Homelessness and poverty has risen in the United States where now they live in tents under bridges or next to buildings. Expensive cars large ones are $90,000 even $100,000 and smaller ones are $65,000 and average size SUV’s are $48,000 or a little more. Leasing these is $450.00 or higher a month. Rents for one bedroom apartments are over $2,000 a month and higher and some are $2,800 a month and if you need a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom it can be $2,800 a month and higher. A tiny hole in the wall apartment is $1,200 in a major city. I saw a house online where the rent was $75,000 a month. Meals at restaurants have doubled where I stopped at a fish place to take out fish and chips that was $23.99 and just a few years ago it was either $9.99 or $11.99. I didn’t buy it of course because I thought it was absurd. Food has substantially gone up with everything causing so many just eeking out a living to struggle and many live pay check to pay check. Buying a home also is wacked out over priced in many areas where the dream of buying and owning a home is virtually impossible. Two years ago an angry person who wanted to buy a house in a Borough of NYC desirable in Brooklyn was so upset at what they saw for sale showed the typical house with upstairs and stairs going to the sidewalk with a driveway and a 1 car garage and the person commenting wrote would you believe a house like this is $980,000 and look at it they wrote the price should be $150,000 not this ridiculous price almost a million dollars. Even contractors are charging ridiculous prices these days way over priced. A Priest in a small Church needs the roof replaced and the roofers want $100,000 to put a roof on. And a man I overheard telling someone he paid $45,000 to vinyl side his house and when Hurricane Ida hit a woman I know whose basement was flooded the disaster company told her the price to suck out the water was $11,000 and she couldnt afford it so she did it herself in her 80’s. Well this is the way it is here in the United States but China is wealthy and I’m not hearing the poverty and homelessness we have here except for England who has a big homeless problem there but they don’t call them homeless but I believe rough sleepers. Listen to this Rock Song by the band Good Charlotte Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, listen to the lyric version, I believe the color is green like our money.

  3. Thank you for exposing the lies of the enemy. I believe that Christians will soon be gaslighted in America, as they have been in China. The enemy uses the same tactics, time after time. Give us eyes to see…

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