“We Need More Bibles” – BTJ Answers Need for Bibles in Ukraine

“There is a big need for Bibles among the Ukrainian refugees,” says Brother Tym, the director of the BTJ office in Poland.

Tym also runs one of the few evangelical publishing companies in Poland, so he has his finger on the pulse of the needs in the publishing world.

He is not alone in recognizing the desperate need for Bibles in the Ukraine. Robert L. Briggs, president and CEO of American Bible Society, reported in Christianity Today, “As people grapple with the unknown, many are experiencing the Bible’s message for the first time ever.”

For the first time ever, stores have reportedly ran out of Ukrainian Bibles!

“We need more Bibles,” Briggs said.

BTJ has printed millions of Bibles in China, North Korea, Myanmar, and Iran. Printing Bibles, smuggling Bibles, and distributing Bibles – both legally and illegally – is what we do. With the BTJ office in Poland being so close to the situation, it only makes sense that we would use our resources to help provide the Word of God to the people of Ukraine.

Starting right away, BTJ is launching a Bible distribution effort to get Bibles into as many hands as possible. When people are hungry for the Word, that is the time to act. BTJ will be printing as many as 80,000 Bibles in the Ukrainian language.

For as little as $1.25 USD you can provide one New Testament Bible in the Ukrainian language. Click below to join the effort to get Bibles into the hands of Ukrainians.

Bible Production


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