“We are Trained Marxists,” says BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors

“We are trained Marxists,” Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said, during an interview with Real News Network, further adding to the parallels between her movement and the rise of Mao Zedong’s Marxist movement in China.

Marxism is important for Christians to understand, because it is an ideology that pushes atheism and persecutes Christians. The Chinese believers understand this better than most, because they are still suffering under the banner of Marxism. Back to Jerusalem has written several books that talk extensively about the rise of Marxism in China and how the enemy used it to attack the church in one of the most systematically brutal ways ever seen. Those books include:

The Heavenly Man

I Stand with Christ

Kidnapped by a Cult

The Underground Church

Crimson Crucible

Smuggling Light

One primary theme found in these books is this: once Marxism is adopted by a country, Christians die – in large numbers.

Karl Marx said, “religion is the opium of the people,” and taught that his fight for oppressed people and religion were incompatible.

History has shown that more Christians have died from Communist Marxism than any other single ideology in the history of man. Marxism has been tried on nearly every continent, in different nations, by different cultures, but there has never been a nation on earth that has adopted Marxist teaching and not systematically killed Christians. Not one. Ever.

From the gulags in Russia, to the death camps in North Korea, to Red Terror in Ethiopia, to the Killing fields of Cambodia, to Cultural Revolution in China – Marxism has been one of the most brutal Christian killing machines in history.

Brother Yun is far from the only believer to have suffered for his faith during the rule of Marxist ideology in China.

Researcher, Antonio Socci, claims the untold story of the 20th century is the murder of 45 million Christians, mostly at the hands of Marxism and that massacres still continue to this day.

Richard Wurmbrand, a Christian that lived during the rise of Marxism in Romania, came to the conclusion that “communism and Christianity were incompatible.” He was thrown into prison and tortured for his faith in Christ.

Brother Andrew is a Dutch Christian missionary known for smuggling bibles into communist countries. In his book, God’s Smuggler, he said “the challenge of Communism is the stupid proclamation that there is no God.”

BLM doesn’t specifically note that they are Marxists on their website, but co-founder Patrisse Cullors clarifies her organization’s Marxist goals during an interview with Real News Network.  In the video below Patrisse is very clear.  “We are trained Marxists.”

Anyone associated with the history and rise of Mao Zedong can see the similarities between the two movements:

  • Mao was a Marxists
  • Mao was an atheist
  • Mao used minority abuses to fuel his cause
  • Mao appealed to the youth
  • Mao inspired student and union protests
  • Mao used violence and fear to accomplish his goals
  • Mao destroyed statues and history books in an effort to erase history
  • Mao desired to destroy the government system to replace it with a Marxist structure

The similarities should not cause fear or hate, but rather an awareness. Several Christians are unaware of the Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter and their removal of faith-based solutions to racism. They are unaware of the war that Black Lives Matter has made against the traditional families with fathers. They are unaware of the militant LGBTQ agenda that they espouse. They are also unaware of the cop-killing communist matriarch Assata Shakur, whom the three female founders aspire to be like.

The Chinese underground house church is not obsessed with the political maneuvering of the Communist Party. They do not protest, hold rallies, raise up militias or write letters to the United Nations, but they do wisely minister to the other believers to focus on Jesus during hardships and are very careful about the groups that they support.

Brother Andrew rightly noted, “if a man seems to be harboring personal resentments against a certain government, or if he has more to say about the evils of Communism than the goodness of God, then we suspect that he is a soldier poorly armed for the battle before us.”

Psalms 121:1 says,“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”  As Christians we look unto the hills, but the hills are not our focus. Our focus is our Lord, from where our salvation comes.



  1. James Kimble

    I know well how atheistic Communism/Marxism is. I know how our brothers and sisters have suffered under these regimes. One difference between the US and these other countries is that we are a much more Christian place (even now) than these other places where Marxism was planted, took root, ran it’s evil course. Even in these places Marxism is now dead or dying. I believe the Christians here (the US) will halt the mass growth (clearly it’s already taken root) before it takes over. I pray I’m right. I think we have some bloody battles to fight to stop it and, as they say, we haven’t seen nothin yet. So many Christians here are ready to fight and not afraid to die. Some (many?) are angry over what’s happened in the last 12 years and are ready to take our country back. I, for one, am not eager for a fight but I am eager to take it back. If Mr Trump loses in Nov I think we’ll be in a defacto state of civil war. Most Americans, outside of the larger inner cities, will never bend a knee to anarchists and criminal thugs. Most of these thugs are cowards, paid to insight violence and chaos, with no real beliefs of their own. Once the resistance is organized and we are shooting back they will kneel, crawl, run, whatever it takes to avoid death or the pain they’ll certainly suffer at the hands of locals tired of their terrorism. If “God is for us”, and I pray that he is, “who can be against us”, Romans 8:31

    1. Precious

      Cuba tried to warn Venezuela while their statues were being torn down, streets renamed, history wiped clean… Venezuela thought they would never let their freedom be taken from them, thought they’d stop it before it went too far. They didn’t.


    It is apparent from your writing that you know very little about Black American history and have very little respect for Black Americans. It is a shame that you have decided to take such positions against African Americans who are oppressed in the United States and suffer from police murders and police brutality. Lumping in a contemporary global freedom movement with one organization is a myopic and uninformed perspective. What you are doing is commonly known as “slant.” You really need to read more about African American history and US history because it is clear that you have serious holes in your understanding of both. I am a PhD student in a Afro American studies program and I am an African American Christian. Your post is deeply offensive and reveals a profound lack of awareness of the Black American experience, and an egregious lack of empathy for Black Americans. Very disappointing. And I have been inspired by Brother Yun for a long time. Thus, this is doubly disappointing.

    1. Andrew May

      If the any of the leaders of BLM are marxist, Christians need to all beware whatever their skin colour.
      I understand, from the Bible that ALL have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God
      It’s in our nature, from the time of ‘the fall’.
      So, as a Christian, we need to focus our attention on the Lord Jesus, for He is our only Answe to our sinful condition, not any man, or any human movement.


        YOU can sit around and wait on God and Jesus if you want we need change NOW

        1. Cromulent

          The kind of change Marxists bring is misery and despair.


          BLM you just proved the writers point!

      1. Ree

        She doesn’t know anything. She’s not even college education or politically aware. I don’t know why so many people are quick to reference her. She goes off of personal opinion and unreliable resources.

        1. Henri W

          She spoke at her college alma mater. So she is “college education” to quote you, Ree and more politically aware that 99% of Americans.


        That woman knows absolutely NOTHING and is brainwashed. She lives to impress white people and doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Please.

        1. BWH

          I think you have an agenda and no amount of facts is going to divert you from your set of “facts”. It might help to have some facts here. According to black radio show host Larry Elder, in 2019 there were nine (9) unarmed blacks killed by police. The were 19 unarmed whites. During 2019 49 officers suffered felonious deaths (someone killed them), so, twice as many officers while just doing their job.

    2. Christian

      Maya thank you for sharing! The purpose in sharing this was not to take a political stance, rather to help shed discernment between an organization and what has become a much larger movement. Many blindly associate the two, when there are other things going on under the surface.

      1. Eddie Syrek


    3. Jeanette

      Just wondering if you have read the BLM manifesto?

    4. Aiden

      So because he questions a cause he’s deeply troubled and racist. You understand there is no organization on earth which should be above criticism and skepticism. It’s not racist to examine or evaluate stated roots of a movement. And forgive me if I don’t bow to ur stated PhD credentials, the universities have failed us on every level in the last 20 years. If you are as smart and informed as you claim then perhaps you should move off of ur myopic historical track record argument and examine our present with actual clear eyes and facts. We are a country that is currently the least racist, least sexist, least phobic it has ever been in our history by nearly every statistical measure, improving especially the black experience in a rapid and easily quantifiable fashion In so many important avenues and yet we somehow carry more vitriol and anger than even pre civil rights. The question you should be asking and never do is why the bright spots that exist in our country are never highlighted. Who does that serve? And why is that a stupid and destructive methodology. And if you want answers go read some of your prominent black thinkers of today like sowell, mcwhorter, Hughes, elder. People who actually examine things as opposed to the post modern nonsense thinking you cling so desperately to. Stop using racist as ur go to weapon and try listening to people who actually care about statistics that clearly show this movement is without purpose or even foundation. And stop defending Marxism. This person openly invited that criticism when she announced herself as a trained Marxist. You tell us what that means. As far as I can tell this man just drew comparisons and talked about historical Marxism as a rule. And ur only retort was that’s offensive cuz I have a degree and know stuff. Maybe try educating instead of just pulling the shame card. It goes a lot further. You offered nothing, he offered facts and historical precedents. That means by default you lose.

      1. Catherine

        Thank you for stating the obvious. This woman is obviously high on herself and so badly educated from today’s Marxist infiltrated universities.

        1. Devin

          Aiden. I absolutely concur. You covered every portion of Maya’s attempt at a “racist” retort. Her degrees do her no intellectual justice and I’m curious where she obtained them. Marxism is a tool of destruction to freedom in every form. Maya should at least make an attempt to read up on political history while referencing this article as racism. While logical criticism is a guide to healthy and constructive conversation, she displays nothing of the sort, merely her outcry of “racism”. She displays zero knowledge of Marxist history or of the BLM Manifesto regarding the BLM’s Cofounder Pattrisse’s own admission and vision.

      2. Zackie

        Truth Maya sounds like the racist one smh

      3. Devin

        Your response was concise and representative of what most wanted to state as a response to her rhetoric. Her degrees simply don’t equal intellect in this case, as is frequently occurring on here. I appreciate you covering it all.

      4. Jim

        Amen brother…… And I suggest she read Nick Pilgrims book “Black Culture Matters”.

    5. John Galt

      Really? Because the only people who might be offended by this would be Communists. You studied African Americans history, so your only response is, “study African American history”. This is called “man with a hammer syndrome”. Your “education” has trained you to look for racism in everything, even where it doesn’t exist. Why is BLM against the nuclear family, when single parent households have almost a perfect relationship with crime and low educational achievement? Asians and whites stay married, this leads to better results socially and professionally. BLM, just like Marxists, advocates for things that don’t work and destroy humanity. You are being hoodwinked.

      1. Catherine

        Thank you for speaking the truth.

      2. Betsy Balkcom

        John Galt: “Asians and whites stay married.”

        Wanna expound on that? Are you saying statistically people who own homes, have better school opportunities, more extracurricular options, better chances at college, better chances in hiring, better medical treatment, less profiling from police, less incarceration rates, more generational wealth, less discrimination in real estate and neighborhoods and therefore more stability in the nuclear family stay married? Because yes, that’s true.

        Or are you saying “Asians and whites stay married” because people with black and brown skin are more naturally just more unfaithful or prone to infidelity, don’t love their families as much or value a stable home life? Because that would be 100% prejudiced. And prejudice leads to racism – what happens when people group can actually oppress and hold power over another people group based on the color of their skin.

        I would encourage you to really sit with that statement you made, really ask yourself why you think that’s true. If that is true, why? Are Black people not as good as whites and asians? These tiny teeny subtle beliefs are literally what lead to the ability to enslave, marginalize, beat, kill, hold a man down in the street until the life is choked from him because deep down there is a belief that he is getting what he deserves.

    6. Precious

      How is the article offensive, dismissive of African American history or considered “slant?” It’s about a QUOTE from a woman. Who also happens to be the CO-founder of a rapidly growing and powerful movement. Also a movement that is causing FAR more chaos than results of anything positive or progressive for the issues you referred to. Your complaint should definitely be with the woman who the article was about, not the article. The article was factual. Please don’t allow facts to hurt your feelings. Feelings change, facts will never.

    7. Truthcaresnotaboutfeelings

      It’s unfortunate that you can have that much education and know so little. 90 percent of black lives lost through the crime of murder are at the hands of fellow blacks. 19-30 unarmed blacks are killed by police each year, and by unarmed it simply means they didn’t have a gun in their hand at the time of death. That is fewer black lives lost than the number of black lives lost or destroyed in the riot attacks our nation is experiencing now

    8. You are African American, are you oprressed? If yes, by whom?

      You are African American, are you oprressed? If yes, by whom?

    9. John

      “The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you’ll be amazed at the results.” -St. Josemaria Escriva

    10. Matthew

      So instead of making generalized statement in return, explain yourself in regards to marxism. Further, stop spreading a well overstated lie. You said “ African Americans who are oppressed in the United States and suffer from police murders and police brutality“. Your assumption is blacks are being treated unfairly compared to whites or others, when in fact the facts are that last year 500 whites, 17 unarmed were killed by police, and 247 blacks, 9 unarmed by police. Of all murder, 13% was blacks killings whites, and 7% whites killing blacks. Additionally, blacks account for over 50% of all murder, more than white and Latino combined, yet account for only 12% of the population!.

      I support equality, for blacks, minorities and Women, but we also need to look at the whole truth, the whole pie to assess And plan to make change. The media and now BLM are spreading a false narrative. Yes systemic racism and bias (of poor all races) needs to be addressed first, with education and additional funding to those communities, housing and a program to help black home ownership, the court system to help first time petty offenders to not get trapped in the system. Then blacks needs to have a serious honest convo with themselves, because they just refuse to look at the statistical truth. The community needs to hold violent criminals or offenders accountable. The no snitching is a horrible cultural agenda. It is holding back black youth so much, despite what outside help tries to do. If your a black mother and love your kids, stop looking out to protect those who are hurting your kids, yanking then into gangs and robbing their education! Don’t snitch on everyone else, aside from murder and violent. Stop making criminals or bad examples martyr’s. The white community holds its own to a high standard, and it raises. That of those around you. Flip side whites need to stop making racist remarks or not giving respect to those black or less fortunate, and of course like racists doesn’t mean all whites, but those that do it, and those that hear them do it, call them out on that shit. Everyone has to take steps forward for the greater good, and for respect. Lastly, the black dollar stays in its community for 12 hours, where as the Jewish dollar remains for 27 days! Show the world you trust your own people. Hair?? If black woman are to be viewed as beautiful and not like whites and so on, then I whole heartedly think they should wear there natural hair and stop wearing wigs!! How can you ask for things, or point fingers at everyone else, yet wear fake hair in wigs to bring out your beauty. That’s ridiculous. Wear what god gave you.

    11. Ricard

      An interesting response to the article, and very Marxist in constuct. Much self-promotion, supposition and assertion, ‘argument from expertise’ fallacy but no real argument that counters the author’s thesis; plus, offense created for which there is no basis, all of which is the nature of modern academic. It sounds very much that your studies did not include the thoughts of Frederick Douglas and Martin Luthor King or you’d be equally concerned about the future of the nation should the governing vision of BLM founders take root.

    12. Sukmikok

      Enough of the pro black Marxist bullshit. Sane black people like myself are researching BLM, and all you are doing is disguising the Marxists communism you people are trying to force upon the country.

      Be forewarned. We patriots WILL be coming for you. Communism and Marxist ideologies have no place in America.

      1. William Call

        Very well said. Patriots will prevail.

    13. Ex BLM sympathiser

      If you were oppressed my lamb, you would not be 1)able to go to university 2) be able to benefit from.affirmative action 3) Be able to topple statues and demand curriculums change 4) you would not be able to say you are oppressed.
      I lived in China for many years and trust me sister, you are not oppressed. Read some Thomas Sowell, listen to Coleman Hughes and learn how to interpret data. Tony Timpa died in a similar way to George Floyd and his murderers went free. For every umarmed.black person killed there are 2/3 umarmed white people killed. The media ignores these because they focus on the sensational.
      You are a privileged woman in a western democracy, why not channel that privilege towards actually helping oppressed people.
      What you are seeing as oppression is a class issue, there are many poor,.underachieving white people.
      I have zero time for BLM. Zero. It is an organisation that comes from a place of privilege and it is going to backfire. And then you may find you are actually oppressed.

      You and your fellow spoilt african Americans are not oppressed. You have no idea what that word even means.

    14. Priscilla

      I don’t think you even read the same article.
      No attacks were issued upon black people; in fact, most the article is about Marxism.
      Further, what was said about BLM is 100 percent factual. I’ve studied their website extensively, and apparently so has the author of this article, because it’s all in the BLM website.
      Nothing said here is fictional or “offensive”.
      Facts are neutral. If you’re offended by facts, that’s unfortunate.

      Oh, and I’m black, too.
      I just don’t live on the Democratic thought plantation. I’m FREE.

  3. cohenite

    You say that Black Americans are “oppressed in the United States and suffer from police murders and police brutality.” Do you have actual statistics for this?


      You took the time to type that obvious ass question why don’t you go look it up. People aren’t protesting for nothing.

      1. Derby Don

        “People are not protesting for nothing.”

        You got that right. They are being paid to protest by China.

    2. A. Powell

      Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement
      Findings From the National Violent Death Reporting System, 17 U.S. States, 2009–2012
      DeGue S, Fowler KA, Calkins C. Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement: Findings From the National Violent Death Reporting System, 17 U.S. States, 2009-2012.
      Am J Prev Med. 2016;51(5 Suppl 3):S173-S187. doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2016.08.027

  4. Pam

    Another good book to read: Wild Swans

  5. C

    The FBI sure does. And clearly shows that those statements are absolutely false. BLM IS SILENT on black on black crime and murder (Oh, look. 104 shootings, 14 deaths in Chicago on FATHER’S Day weekend), as well as mass abortions in the black community. She’s touting that she’s Christian? Then speak to the FULL truth about all black lives mattering!


      Lol you thought you did something there do some research before you get on here spreading nonsense. BLM doesn’t address issues on “black on black crime” because 1. There’s no such thing as it because blacks and whites kill eachother at the same rate so no there is no black on black crime unless you want to talk about white on white crime stupid it’s just crime and 2. It has nothing to do with racially motivated police killings so shut up. When blacks commit murder they go to jail, BLM is standing up against officers who kill unarmed black people out of malice and standing up for those who were killed and hadn’t received justice. Do your research.

      1. Mathew

        Yeah, just ask O.J.
        Oh, wait, nevermind.

  6. Independent realist

    Both sides are wrong. Both being controlled by the polarized sides of a dualistic ideals along the lines of bi partisan politics. Communists vs fascists, what were the outcomes of these systems? The US is NOT a Christian nation, it is a nation founded upon esoteric philosophy and secular values. If Christians further took over it would mean more oppression for our populous. BLM and Antifa promotes violence, racial shaming, and racism towards non blacks by only highlighting certain actions and statistics that coincide with their jaded one sided view of race relations and police brutality. Look deeper into the statistics other then just the top numbers. A large portion of the issues facing the black community are underneath what most are willing to talk about openly do to fear of being labeled racist or fascist.

    1. Catherine

      “if Christians further took over it would mean more oppression for our populous”??? Please explain how having a central rule of ‘love one another’ would cause more problems?

      1. Gabe

        88% of Congress is “Christian.” Our President is “Christian.” So I don’t see how this central rule of ‘love one another’ has been enacted up till now, but I doubt it will be just because you want it to be that way. Oh and we aren’t a Christian nation, but a nation of religious freedom.

  7. Donald Rutledge

    Look what South Africa has done to the white people there under these ideologies known as Marxism/communism the white people are being slaughtered, same as will America under these radical youths


      So it’s okay for blacks to be slaughtered but not racist whites?

  8. Lilly

    All lives matter not just black lives. Every race in history have been slaves at some point. I do not see any one acting out when another race is killed or beatten down. Whst you guys are doing to other races killing them hurting them is wrong. At one point i would have stand at your side to help after all of the childish none since never. All you guys are doing is hueting people who had nothing to do wirh it. Grow the hell up all of you . Love has no race and no color. ALL LIVES MATTER………

    1. Liho

      I agree…..I am a Native American and Hawaiian mixed and not really happy with the hatred that BLM is spreading. BLM for You: I don’t like being forced to suppress to another persons racial agenda when this not their actual native land to destroy things to make a Marxist statement. Karl Marx hated Blacks, Mexicans, and Jewish; and forced Communism. BLM are you really educated?! This not about a racial means because you are destroying and disrespecting all those people who died so that you don’t have to go through what they did. BLM you don’t know nothing about being a slave, you have the ability to go get the house on the hill and a lot of you do. You were never placed on a Reservation that was not your original place or your island because it was a military strategic place. Living in it day in and day out knowing you can’t have any of it, only if you buy it. Killed or degraded when you speak that you have the right to have it back. The poorest place in American is Pine Ridge – Native American Reservation. How day you push your left wing Communist reality by doing what they white man did, so you acting just like the people who took you from your native land….How day you push your racist hatred to others who are suffering worst than you….It’s not your place to take over, it’s not your right to push one world order, it’s not your say to take what is not yours, and mostly it’s not yours….If anyone who would have the actual right to take land away from people is NATIVE AMERICANs…..Not AFRICAN Americans…..you have your country your ancestors originated from free to go back to it…..You are sounding and acting like the White people you so hate. You are do worst what the cops doing to you….and get it right….there are more Native Americans and White people that get killed by cops on a daily bases then any other race combined in a week!! So what you bitching about BLM…..Think about what you are doing, because you are not making a name for yourself…..you are no different then the people who evilly destroyed our lives and homes. Take that for realism…..sad…..smart women like yourselves going in the wrong way…..well evil don’t care what color you are or race….so long you please it….it wins!!!!


      F YOU LILY. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Where were you “All Lives Matter” when children were being separated away from their kids and locked in cages? Where were y’all when gays were being killed because of their sexual preference? Just stfu. Nobody said all lives didn’t matter but black lives are the main focus right now because they are being racially profiled and killed because of their skin. The officers who kill blacks rarely suffer the consequences when the kill black unarmed, innocent black people out of racism and malice. Show me sources and give me statistics where other races are being killed by CROOKED police and are NOT arrested, tried, convicted, and SENTENCED. If it was a black cop they would IMMEDIATELY be in jail. How many black cops shot whites and still have their jobs?But you seem to forget every black person that does the crime, DOES THEIR TIME. Even the INNOCENT ONES. Why don’t people who abuse their power get justice? Being peaceful didn’t work so if blacks and other races have to get violent just for shit to change then SO BE IT.

      1. Matthew

        Except, they’re NOT! Read the Harvard study by Roland Freyer Jr. who grew up hating police. It unequivocally disproves your entire thesis. The result of the study was that police are more likely to shoot whites, not blacks.


    Stupidest comments I ever seen under here. People are more worried about political views and religion more than human rights. Just shut up.

  10. mary

    She blames extremely and excessively on others but competely blind to their own problems.

  11. Mary

    Keep as far away as possible from Communism!

  12. Denis Bolbat

    F BLM!!!… As a movement and as organization….. Period…… All American lives matter.

  13. BETTY

    Coming from a person, who’s family escaped the holocaust, and listened to her grandparents talk and warn her about the steps the Nazis took to gain power. HISTORY repeats itself, and it is right now. They were a small party on the radical right on the German political spectrum (BLM left). After WWI, the German people were unemployed and in a depression. The people viewed their government weak (much like America does it’s own now) the Nazis used this to their advantage. The Nazis created a common goal with the people, stating everyone wanted their cultural values back “restore Germany” (BLM, remake America). Soon a uprising happened and Hitler was in power. 1st thing he did was….Guess what. Redid all lines of power. AKA. The police. Then he started rebuilding Germany the way the Nazis saw fit. Removing anything they did not feel fit the new Germany. Books, churches, statues, and people. So, sorry to say. ALL LIVES MATTER. YOU SHOULD NOT REMOVE HISTORY, YOU CAN NOT LEARN ANYTHING IF YOU REMOVE IT!!

  14. Karen

    Its funny how all you white people are telling a black woman its not racist. And to the person talking about native Americans you’re ridiculous. Slaves were brought here unwillingly just like native americans were displaced (murdered) unwillingly. This is not an oppression Olympics. As a native american YOU should especially understand what its like to be oppressed and killed and the killers getting away with it. Its crazy how everyone here acts like they know what marxism truly is. Educate yourselves with facts. And oh universities aren’t good enough? Why? Because You’d rather listen to someone on YouTube that agrees with your racist bullshit? Its called confirmation biased. Go to college please do yourself and the world a favor. May God help you all and open your eyes. Christians aren’t victims and I say that as christian (whatever thats worth to you people). Its so easy to lose focus on what the actual problems are. Just because we are fighting for black lives doesn’t mean we aren’t fighting for immigrant children locked up in cages, it doesn’t mean we think native american weren’t wronged by the american government. These issues should encourage you to want change things so that our nation doesn’t continue to be so messed up. We will keep fighting because black lives matter, God said so. If God is for us, who can be against us. Right, guys?

  15. Christian s don't speak as you do. You idolize America. GOD said No Idols.

    Christian s look to GOD.
    Not Trump nor Biden.
    GOD will get his through.
    The question is ,Are you really his?.
    “Fruit”,demonstrates salvation.
    You say GOD and in the same breathe speak of annihilating others.
    Not of GOD!


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