WATCH: Why is Communism Flooding Oxford, UK?

In a world where freedom is often sought through misguided means, it is disheartening to witness individuals in one of the most educated college towns in the world call for freedom while embracing the shackles of communism. Communism, with its materialistic worldview and the belief that science is the only truth to be known, stands in stark contrast to the liberating power of faith.

Marx’s assertion that religion is the opium of the masses reflects a profound misunderstanding of the transformative nature of faith. Religion is not a mere opiate but a source of hope, love, and purpose that transcends the limitations of materialism.

As we ponder the events of Exodus 32, where the mixed multitude that left Egypt cried out for a new leader after Moses had been gone for only 39 days, we are reminded of the human tendency to seek solace in false idols. They chose to give all their wealth to be melted down into a go-between “god,” a tragic reminder of the delusions that can ensnare us when we stray from God’s loving arms.

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I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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