VoP Conference

Persecution against Christians in the west has increased considerably in the last decade. Nations like America, England, Canada, and Europe have been bastions of safety for believers, but that is quickly changing. These changes have caused many to ask how the churches can survive and how Christians can best prepare.

This is why for the FIRST TIME EVER, Back to Jerusalem is hosting the VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH CONFERENCE to highlight the testimonies of underground house church leaders from China, North Korea, Iran and Sudan.

For two days, we will sit at the feet of the persecuted house church and learn from what they have to share about thriving and surviving in a persecuted nation.


You can go to the Back to Jerusalem website now to register.

Once the meeting is over, it is over. For security reasons, this meeting will not be live streamed, will not be shared, and there will not be any video recordings available.

The VoP Conference ’22 will have speakers such as Brother Yun and his son Isaac Liu from China, Mariam Ibraheem from Sudan, Naghmeh Panahi from Iran and Esther Chang from North Korea. They will be sharing detailed information about church reform, survival, and revival during times of intense persecution.

Come and join us FOR ONE TIME ONLY this year in Dallas, Texas, on October 22 & 23 for a powerful weekend of sitting at the feet of the persecuted church and learning from their experiences.

不要怕(Bu yao pa)! – “Do not fear!” – is the message from Brother Yun for this conference. The increase of persecution is not a reason to fear, but it is a reason to rejoice, for the day of the return of Jesus is closer now than ever before.

An optional ‘meet-the-speakers’ Texas BBQ pre-conference dinner will be held on Friday evening, October 21, for those who would like the opportunity to spend some time with the speakers.


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