Violent Floods Hit Areas of Turkey Already Devastated by Earthquake

We recently received reports that the situation in Turkey is growing worse. In recent days, they have been hit by extremely heavy rains and flooding. This video comes from the city of Sanliurfa, just east of Gaziantep. It is within the region hit badly by the earthquake on February 6th.

The rains are showing no signs of slowing, people are missing, the crops are destroyed and people are exhausted. In this city, peanut farming is the main livelihood for the people, and this is being wiped out by the flooding as the days go on.

In the video below, the street can be seen covered in heavy flooding washing away everything in its path. Even a person can be seen being dragged helplessly by the heavy waters.


Our team is still working diligently on the ground. One of our biggest focuses is helping to rebuild shelter for the people. Those who are still living in tents often live in overcrowded conditions with more than 10 people in a tent. “This contributes to the spread of infectious disease.  Parasites are rampant due to tight living spaces and lack of access to water and sanitation.  The usual advise, to kill off the parasites after treatment with washing clothes at high temperatures and ironing them, is not a possibility for locals who struggle to get sufficient water to drink – let alone wash and have no access to electricity or iron,” said our partner.

Many are living with no running water, toilet, shower or cooking facilities.  Locals survive on supplies handed out from a local donation warehouse and cooked meals provided by food vans run by charities from other localities. In the region our team is working, 80% of buildings are destroyed.  Many of those still standing have been marked for demolition due to being structurally unsafe.

Aftershocks and earthquakes continue almost daily, leaving people on edge and anxious with every tremor.  Some people camp next to their fallen home, as they do not want to leave their possessions open to looting – they still hope they may be able to return.


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