URGENT – Stay away from GETTR

Eugene wants to let the BTJ crew know, “One of the things that I loved about GETTR has been that GETTR has been promoting itself as a free speech platform. I was wrong.”

He tells in this podcast how GETTR has been promoting themselves as a free speech platform, but they are not.

GETTR is using the same technology that other companies are using to censor free speech. He brings up the fact that GETTR has already censored some speech.

Eugene is now pointing the BTJ audience towards dingdash.com and Gab.

Unfortunately, the BTJ audience needs to know that Gab cannot be accessed on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Since Gab will not censor for Google and Apple, both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have it banned.

Terrorist groups do not get banned from social media platforms, but personal statements about CoVid, conservative voices, and other controversial topics get banned. Since GETTR wants to be available to download from Google or Apple, they are now going to be censoring like other social media platforms.

Listen to the full podcast below:

Episode 623: URGENT – Stay Away From GETTR

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