Urgent PODCAST: Former Transgender Man Has Warning For BTJ

WALT HEYER was born as a man, but identified as transgender and lived as a woman for 8 years. Now Walt joins BTJ in an explosive podcast to share why the growing trend of transgenderism is destructive and plays a major part in the sexual exploitation of children.

BTJ has been working in areas like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia where child sex trafficking and the transgender lifestyle are huge issues. In this podcast, we turn to Walt for insight.

Walt shares with BTJ how he had been ‘dressed up as a girl’ by his grandmother when he was only four years old and was then sexually abused by his uncle. The experience was extremely traumatic. As he grew older he eventually married, became a father and was a respected corporate executive who worked with NASA, but he could never shake the trauma of what happened to him as a young boy.

In 1982, after a time of going through hormone therapy, Walt underwent gender reassignment surgery and became Laura. Walt even had his birth certificate changed by the courts to reflect that he was a woman, but something was still not right. Something was missing. Walt didn’t know what he was missing until he found Christ.

On this podcast, Walt shares how he came to the Lord and how God opened his eyes to the deadly lies of transgenderism. He has a warning for the church about protecting children from the rising social tide of transgender teaching in schools and in media.

Walt was a pioneer in transgenderism, but today is aggressively attacked by the LGBT community for exposing the lies. YouTube has taken down his videos and social media labels his message as “hate speech,” but Walt still bravely continues to share this much-needed message.

This is a podcast you will not want to miss.  To listen, click below.

Episode 543: Explosive! Interview With Man Who Lived As Transgender Female For 8 Years


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