Back to Jerusalem workers are on the ground in Iran and pleading for immediate support after the most deadly earthquake of 2017.

According to reports, Iran was just hit by a devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake that shook the entire border area of Iran and Iraq.  As many as 580 people have been killed with another 7,460 injured.

Countless families are currently without food, water, or shelter as they await emergency assistance. Most humanitarian organizations are unable to provide aid to Iran because of international sanctions, but BTJ’s teams are currently on the ground in Iran and have supply chains to bring in much needed resources.

The BTJ team is prepared to provide emergency aid along with the Light of Jesus Christ during this dark hour.  BTJ is providing immediate support of $20,000 USD.

UPDATE: Within 24 hours we received just over $ 20,000!! We are speechless with this great response and encouraged to see how the people of God come together in this. Our team on the ground can now get started with meeting the most urgent needs. Please keep the donations coming!

You can join this effort to provide relief to the victims in Iran by clicking here:

Disaster Relief

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